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First things first: the chickens. They all seem to be doing well, considering. I’m not so worried about Regina anymore. Rose is looking a bit rough right now. But again, overall they all seem to be doing well considering. Hopefully they all continue to heal and get back to their usual routines.

I finally remembered this week to watch DWTS (Dancing With The Stars). I’d forgotten about it the first two weeks of this season. Well thanks to politics last night’s episode was a half episode. Tonight is “results episode”. I am hoping this is just a special occasion thing due to the half episode last night because of the debate but based on some comments I saw on the DWTS facebook page, apparently this is a thing for this season. I don’t know for sure though, because I know not to immediately take what’s on facebook as fact. I am not a fan of this two nights in a row format at all though; the first hour was basically a repeat of what had been on yesterday, and the second hour is a bunch of BS that is boring/I have no interest in watching, and they throw in the elimination results for the week here and there so if you want to see who is safe for the week and who goes home you have to keep watching. (Or, what I’ll do instead if this is how the show will be presented on a regular basis, just wait till the next day to google who was sent home this week.) Not that my opinion will make a difference to anyone in a position to make any changes but, my DWTS “wishlist” would be stick the single night format, and please for the love of all that is good in the world, do NOT continue to have musical performances on the show. As I type I have just turned off the tv yet again tonight for a couple minutes because a band I don’t give two hoots about is performing one of their songs. The show is called Dancing With The Stars – hence if I am watching, it’s because I am interested in watching the pro dancers and their celebrity (or otherwise somehow at least reasonably well known) partners participating in a dancing competition. If I wanted to watch a concert/musical performance, I’d do so on my own. Also, sometimes the dances seem to be a lot of “production” – aka a lot of smoke/lights, which makes it hard to see the actual dancing. I feel like this seems to happen most with the dancers who are not doing so well or if they struggled to learn that week’s choreography, as a way to try to hide the fact that they’re not doing great with that dance, and to hide some mistakes they make. Maybe in person it’s not so bad but on screen all the smoke/flashing lights/dim lighting make it difficult to see the dancers and whether they’re doing well or not.

Anywho. We’ve had some not so pleasant stuff to deal with recently. Hoping that things will be sorted out soon.

I’ve been looking into some sets of drawing chalk, to try to branch out into colored drawings instead of the black and white’s I’ve been doing with charcoal. I’ve found several options but I need to look around a bit for some more and read some reviews and such. I’m not sure if I am ready to transition into color, but the only way I’ll learn to draw in color is the same as the only way I’m learning to do the black and white drawings: doing it. I don’t want to get bottom of the line pastels/drawing chalks, because then if I don’t have a good experience with them it could be the quality of them rather than me just not having skill with the medium. At the same time, I don’t want to spend the money on higher end pastels right now because I am honestly not sure how I will feel about using color. Until I am sure I’ll be into the color drawings, I feel like something more mid-range is going to be the best choice.

I suppose that’s enough of my randomness for this post.

Until next time. xoxo


1 thought on “Updates & Stuff”

  1. I’m glad your chickens are healing and getting settled back down. I hope they continue to thrive.
    I figure whatever you decide with your artwork that it’ll be great. You’re multi-talented and have a knack for perfection. I hope you’ll post some of your art. 🙂

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