Melting Pot

This is the Chore That Doesn’t End

Yes, it goes on and on my friend…

Bonus points if you get the post title/first line. 😉

I’ve been trying to get all the files on my computer sorted over the last couple weeks. I am quite sick of it right now but I still have literally dozens of folders to go through. Every time I do this, I tell myself that “From now on I’ll keep things organized as I go” but I always fail miserably at actually doing that. Before I know it, I once again have a ton of completely disorganized folders full of images and documents that need to be sorted. Some day I might learn to not let it turn into the enormous undertaking that it currently is. Maybe.

I am waiting for a skin care product purchase to arrive that I am oddly excited about. You’ll understand why it’s odd when I tell you what it is: it is an acne spot treatment. Yes I am one of those lucky folks who never really had the stereotypical teen-acne issues. I almost never had a zit as a teenager. Once I hit my mid twenties, however… ah, cruel irony. At the age when most folks are over the dreaded blemishes, I get ’em. Granted (knock on wood) I do not have serious issues with it, I do get enough of it that I keep spot treatment on hand at all times for when it does pose an issue for me. I’ve learned that benzoyl peroxide acne products are too harsh on my skin, so I have to look for salicylic acid based products instead which is a little more suited to sensitive skin. Benzoyl peroxide based formulas seem to be more popular though and are far more common. My current tube of my chosen spot treatment is nearly empty and the local mart of wals does not seem to carry it anymore, and it was the only salicylic acid based product they had. So I started looking online for any other options that may be out there for an over the counter product I could try, out of curiosity but not expecting to find anything. But I did find something new: sulfur based products. I remembered one of my HS friends using something like this and telling me about it, but back then it was prescription only. There are now OTC options for sulfur based acne care products. The specific product I chose was significantly pricier than my ol’ Clean & Clear product, but with all things considered I convinced myself it would be worth trying. It’s supposed to be more effective than the salicylic acid, but still gentler on the skin than benzoyl peroxide. Obviously I do not WANT any zits. But since they do happen on a fairly consistent basis for me, I’ll be eager to try this new product out to see how it compares to the spot treatment I’ve been using for several years. If I’m lucky I will not have a need to use it and thus the chance to review it for a while, but we’ll see.

I have been continuing to work on my sketching, and I feel like I’m getting a lot better at the thing that prompted me to take the portrait drawing class on Craftsy (noses) but I still need to work on proportions and placement of features. The next area I feel I need to improve on most is hair – be it what is on top of one’s head or a man’s facial hair. Then I need to work on different angles and facial expressions. And then of course the big one: achieving likeness, so I can draw portraits of actual people rather than the ones I make up in my head as I draw. But, one step at a time. LOL

I suppose that is enough of my rambling for one post. I know, this was a random one. My mind is a random place, and sometimes I have trouble focusing in on just one topic for a blog post. *shrug*

Until next time. xoxo


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