Melting Pot


All of the chickens have finally been named!

Chick Fil A


Until next time. xoxo


2 thoughts on “Named”

  1. Your chickens look healthy and happy. You must take really good care of them. Their names are enchanting and fit these lovelies perfectly.
    To me, Nugget kind of looks like a rooster from this angle. Is it a hen?
    I bet you have some rich and tasty eggs each day. 🙂

    1. I MIGHT have them just a tiny bit spoiled. Lol

      They are all hens. No roosters for now, but maybe down the road. Nugget is a mixed breed though we do not know what she is besides Buff Orpington, which is what they all are.

      We actually just had to deal with her getting broody for the first time. I seem to have successfully broken her of it but it was an interesting couple of days. We are new to owning chickens so we are learning as we go; I knew they would get broody on occasion but never knew it is best, if there is no way the eggs will hatch, to break them of it because otherwise it can be very detrememtal to their health.

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