Melting Pot

Befriending the Chickens



I have spent the past few days trying to befriend our new chickens (two of which are not in the above photo) and have managed to get to the point where they are at least tolerating my presence, provided I remain relatively still and pretend to not be too terribly interested in them. They do not trust me yet, though two of them seem to be closer to trusting me than the rest, right now. It’s a start. I still can not tell most of them apart yet; I’ve got two of them figured out while the other four have more subtle differences which makes it a little more tricky learning to tell them from one another. I have a list of possible names for them, for once I can tell them apart and have a better feel for their personalities.

I have a little cleaning up to do so I am off. I hope y’all are having a great week!

Until next time. xoxo


2 thoughts on “Befriending the Chickens”

  1. Chickens are curious creatures. I figure it won’t be long until you will have them all befriended. They’re skittish by nature. I figure once they finally warm up to you, they’ll probably run to greet you whenever they see you coming. 🙂

    1. I have been having a lot of fun observing them. They really are very entertaining to watch! This particular breed is said to be pretty mellow (Buff Orpington) which does seem to be holding true at this point. I head out each evening to watch them as they settle in for the night, and last night I thought they were all settled when apparently they decided to have a little skirmish – there was some fussing and three of them came rushing back out of the coop. When they tried going back in at first, there were squawks of protest from inside. It took several minutes before they were allowed back in for the night. 😂

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