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Galaxy Mirror Cake

If you have not heard about mirror cakes, they are the latest “in” thing in baking. I had first heard about them several months ago but I honestly was not impressed by any of the ones I had seen to feel it was worth getting a recipe and trying it myself. Basically they are simply cakes that have a very shiny glaze poured over them after the buttercream has had a chance to set up. Cool enough, but not really a must-try, right?

Recently a video popped up in my recommendations on youtube that totally changed my mind! Turns out, you just need to be a little more creative about how to use the mirror glaze to make it more interesting. Why I did not think of it myself I don’t know – I guess because I had not bothered to look into it enough to see the possibilities. To see the video that changed my mind, which includes the tutorial for the galaxy mirror cake as well as the mirror glaze recipe, click here.

Of course, I could not dive right into making my own galaxy mirror cake. Besides the cake pans and ingredients for the cake itself and my American buttercream, I did not have any decorating items at all, not even the only one you really need for this cake: gel food colors. I shopped around online a bit, found a company with the best prices I have ever seen on my preferred brand of gel colors (FYI this is Americolor) and hemmed and hawed over whether or not to order. As you may have guessed by now, I ended up talking myself into it. I also picked up the optional disco dust (because I love glitter and sparkly things so much) and I knew I would need a good, sturdy cake board for this cake so I got a foam core board as well.

I checked the tracking information compulsively, as is my habit when I order things online. When the delivery date was updated for today I knew that meant the day before delivery task was baking the cake so it would be ready to go once I had my gel colors. I spent the day both giddy and impatient while I waited for the mail to be delivered.

Once I had my new goodies in hand, I cleaned off the foam core board, whipped up a batch of icing, filled and frosted my cake and popped it in the fridge to set up. The two hour wait from that point was pretty agonizing. You can not make mirror glaze in advance – it must be made immediately before it will be used. But I knew the icing had to set up well for the glaze to work, so I did my best to stay otherwise occupied till the two hours were up and I could make the glaze.

The process was very simple, and while it does not smell too appealing while making it (unflavored gelatin just does not smell pleasant, there is no way around that) I did end up tasting a bit of the still-warm glaze and can promise you that it does taste good.

Glaze complete, I divided it among five bowls, putting small amounts into three of them for the accent colors, and keeping the majority in two other bowls for the main colors. I added my gel colors and tried not to create too many air bubbles while stirring them in, and then the fun began!



I ended up forgetting a step recommended in the video to blend the colors together a bit, but that is ok. I think that step is totally optional. My pink and purple ended up looking almost the same once they were on the cake, which I think may have been due to the glaze still being a tiny bit on the warm side when I poured it. The end result is still pretty darned awesome if I do say so myself!

I would DEFINITELY make another mirror glaze cake in the future, and I would also not hesitate for it to be another galaxy cake though I have some other ideas churning now that may look awesome with this glaze. But those will be for another day.

Have you made a mirror glaze cake?


1 thought on “Galaxy Mirror Cake”

  1. Very shiny and wonderful galaxy mirror cake. It’s a lot of work and you mastered it perfectly. You need your own bakery to sell your creations to the public. Beautiful and tasty. 🙂

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