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Punderdome Card Game Review


Ah, puns. You either love them or you hate them – there is no inbetween. I personally fall into the former category. I thought this game could be fun to have on hand for get togethers. This particular game is meant for three or more players, and the recommended age is 12+.


The game comes in a sturdy cardboard box. Included in the box are instructions (of course), 2 mystery prize envelopes, 1 large pad of slips for the mystery prize envelopes, 2 small writing pads, 1 “just for pun” card, and 200 game cards (100 white “topic” cards and 100 green “situation” cards).


How to play is simple; one person goes first as the “prompter” and draws one white and one green card, reads one of the “quick pun” questions on the back of the cards as a “warm-up” round. For the next round the prompter reads the front of the cards and the other players have 90 seconds to think up the best (or worst, depending on your point of view) pun for the given situation and topic. The prompter reads all submitted puns aloud and selects the winner for the round; the winner gets the cards. Another player then takes over as prompter for the next round of play and so on, until one person collects 10 pairs of cards. That person is the winner and gets to choose one of the two mystery prize envelopes and claim their prize.

I am honestly not sure how much I like this game. As I said, I enjoy puns; so I thought this would be an amusing game. Many of the quick puns are not, to me, puns but jokes. Maybe I just lack the quick wit required for the game but I feel like a lot of the prompts just don’t lend themselves well to coming up with a pun. It’s definitely not a fast paced game but a slower paced, more mellow toned sort of game, in my opinion. I’m more of a fan of games that are going to move along more quickly (such as 5 Second Rule). Maybe it would be more suited to larger gatherings with enough people to play in a couple teams of 3-4 than smaller gatherings where there are just 3-4 people playing individually.

If you think this is a game you and your crew might enjoy, you can learn more about it by clicking here.

I received this game from Blogging For Books for this review.


One thought on “Punderdome Card Game Review

  1. Sounds like it may be fun. Thanks for sharing your review.
    I hope you can try it out with a large group of folks sometime and do a follow-up post about it.

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