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No Filter Friday

I have not blogged regularly in such a long time, it is kind of hard to imagine how I ever did it before. I would like to try to get back to posting at least a little more regularly than I have been, but it seems every time I sit down to start a post my mind goes blank.

I decided maybe having themed blogging days might help. Maybe not. Only time will tell. I do know that I need to start off slow and easy though, to try to ease regular blogging back into my thought process. I am very much a creature of habit and do not like change, and even positive/fun changes can be difficult for me to adapt to. I know, I am weird. Get used to it. 😉

I stepped out onto the back porch for a while this afternoon, because you know fresh air and sun are good for you. Or so I am told. Lol No, seriously, I enjoy time outdoors but it has been so hot lately, I have kept hidden inside in the air conditioning as much as possible. But I felt like I needed some sun and fresh air, today. As usual I had my phone with me. It is hot, but a lovely day today. I had to take a picture. Have I mentioned how absolutely gorgeous it is here? *sigh* I love it here. 💓💖💕

Once I was ready to share this picture I decided perhaps an easy (in theory) first step to ease me back into regular blogging would be No Filter Friday. I don’t know if that is a thing or if I just invented it – I have a suspicion it is already a thing, but it was a new thought to me when deciding what to title this post. I am going to try to share a photo each Friday, the caveat being “no filters”. AKA the only editing done to the photos is resizing and adding my url. Which is usually the only editing I do before sharing a picture anyway but that is beside the point. 😜

Until next time. xoxo

5 thoughts on “No Filter Friday”

  1. Your scenic photo is amazing. That sky is filled with yummy clouds and the gorgeous greens of the countryside. Your photo makes me want to grab a pallet and have a picnic while doing some Cloud watching. 🙂
    Blogging regularly is something I do in waves. I either post regular or not at all. It’s easier during Summer and gardening season. I figure by the time garden season passes that you all are fairly glad it’s gone so I will stop posting about my gardening nonsense. lol
    I like the idea of a non-filter Friday. I look forward to seeing your photos.

    1. Hey There
      I posted a photo to join in with your No-Filter Friday today. If you get a spare minute, you’re welcome to surf on over and take a gander at it.
      Hope you have a fun filled weekend! 🙂

      1. Thank you! It is so lovely here; I never could understand “city folk”. I do enjoy visiting the city from time to time but the country is definitely far batter for living! =)

        Thanks so much for joining and sharing No Filter Friday! Hopefully I can stick with it each week lol.

  2. Hi Leah! I’m happy I found you with similar ideas like mine today! Just made a theme-list to blog more often as I used to. No-Filter-Friday is great idea! I never take time to edit my photos; I do take lots of photos! Sometimes has to take photos quickly because the model maybe running away! Greetings from Greece! x Teje

    1. Hi Teje, it’s nice to “meet” you! You are right, sometimes our subjects don’t like to stick around for photos very long! I do think having themed blogging days can help, at least a little. If one is good at sticking to a routine anyway, which I am not always good at that. lol

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