Melting Pot


Two days later, I’ve looked over the themes available and spent more hours than is sensible fiddling with things to get a new look up and running and I’m not even sure I like it. Figures. Honestly the main thing I am not happy with is the automatic “excerpt” style of the theme. All the themes I looked at that I otherwise like seem to have this feature, so apparently it is a preference for many but I do not care for it. I thought that it was an optional thing or there’d be some way to turn that off and just have my full posts show on my home page, but either I was wrong or I am just too stupid to figure it out. I considered switching back to the theme I’d been using before, and just updating the header image. But one of the big reasons I wanted to switch from that theme was because the font for that one was SO stinking tiny, and choosing a different font or making it larger threw everything else about the theme off center and made it look messy. One thing I do not like about using wordpress is if you try to google for help with an issue, the majority of what you find is information for those who use wordpress(dot)ORG, rather than those who use wordpress(dot)COM. If you visit the forums the answers provided are heavy on techy terms and assume you know all the basics and are well versed in how to do things; and it seems those who are not so good with all this stuff (like me) are treated like total morons not worthy of even using the internet if we are so confused by it. Sorry we are not all gifted with the understanding of how all this technological stuff works and how to customize it to our liking! Finding help for (dot)COM issues is far more trouble than it’s worth if you ask me. So, unless someone who reads this post understands what I am talking about and knows of a way that I can change it to what I want and can explain it to me in super simple terms I’ll actually understand… I will just have to live with the excerpt style postings. I haven’t a clue what this means for those who subscribe via RSS readers, but if it winds up being a PITA on your end of things too…. sorry. All I can say is I don’t like it either but I can’t currently find another (free) theme I like that does NOT use this format. =T

Moving on. J has the day off work today and we’re going to be heading to Smithfield’s later so I’m off to find an outfit and start getting ready to go so that I’m ready to head out when he is. I’ve not been to Smithfield’s since my last visit with J, which was FAR too long ago. Their BBQ is yummy, but if I am being honest what I really want is the hush puppies. Best hush puppies I’ve ever had! Not that I’ve had many, mind you. I’ve made two different recipes of homemade hush puppies and neither was very good, and I’ve tried a couple store bought mixes that were downright awful. The only good hush puppies I’ve had come from Long John Silver’s, and while those are the ones I’ve had that I consider good, the ones they make at Smithfield’s are a totally different ballgame. They may both be called hush puppies but it’s like comparing apples and oranges! I have every intention of making a pig of myself with the hush puppies today. I admit it. Don’t judge me. You’d do the same. :p


One thought on “Meh

  1. I do not like the wp theme editor, it’s too pretentious. Trying to adjust anything is so frustrating. You’ve done well with your theme. It looks good.
    Have fun on your outing. Enjoy them yummy sounding hushpuppies. 🙂

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