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Yarnie Frustration

I have been wanting to crochet an afghan for quite a while. I’ve not made one in several years and it’s been on my to do list but I could never find a yarn I liked that I could afford to get the necessary yardage for an afghan, or I could not find enough of the color(s) I wanted for a given pattern etc. Earlier this year I was browsing the clearance section on Craftsy and saw an acrylic yarn that is a GREAT choice for afghans, because they are jumbo skeins (lots of yardage = not many individual skeins need to be purchased) and being on clearance, the price was right, and they even had colors I would be happy with for my chosen pattern. I was able to double up on the yardage (I like to make my afghans bigger than the average pattern will make) so that I can make it bigger, for under $40 shipped. You really can’t beat that!

After I got my yarn, it took a while to start working on the afghan. I was on nanny-duty at the time so down time was a rarity and when I did have it, I was usually too sleepy to do anything but, well, catch up on sleep! I did manage to get three squares finished just doing a little here and there. Since being in my current location I’ve managed to make three more, but getting a seventh square completed is proving to be an incredible challenge. I have the time. I have the desire. But I CAN’T get it done.

I am prone to tendonitis is both wrists. It’s been an issue for me for enough years I’m used to it, I recognize when my wrists are getting tired and if I’m smart I listen to my body and stop before they start to hurt. Sometimes I push because I’ll be close to the end of a project (or a part of a project, like a square for an afghan for example) and I REALLY want to get it done before I take a break. Used to be even when I pushed like that, a couple days of rest and my wrists would be good to go again for a while. That is apparently no longer the case.

You see, I pushed to finish afghan square number six. I knew I shouldn’t have, but I was almost done with it and really wanted to be able to finish those last couple of rounds. I should not have done that. It’s been a couple weeks now and my wrists are only now kind of back to normal; I still can’t manage to do much. A few days ago they were feeling good so I started square number seven. Before I was even done with round 2 I could tell I needed to stop. I pushed to finish the round then reluctantly set it aside. Tonight I decided I would try to get at least one more round finished. The pattern uses two colors and the first three rounds are done in one color then you fasten off and the rest is finished up with the second color, so I was kind of hoping to at least finish up the portion of the pattern that uses the first color.


I only managed to get about half way through the round before I had to stop. I was tempted to push to get the round finished but given how long I have been struggling with my wrists just not wanting to get completely better since I pushed to finish the sixth afghan square I know at this point I really truly HAVE to stop as soon as my wrists start feeling tired. SIGH. At this rate this afghan is going to take years to finish. =( Not to mention what a depressing thought it is that I am clearly also going to have to start really taking my time on ANY crochet or knit projects from this point on. It really sucks when your favorite hobbies become things you can’t really enjoy as much any more due to physical pain/limitations. I suddenly feel very old, thanks to this issue/complaint. I’m only in my early 30’s, dammit!


2 thoughts on “Yarnie Frustration”

  1. Bless your heart or should I say, bless your hands and wrists. I understand your frustrations. I hate to hear of your tendonitis. I can’t crochet for extended periods of time now that I’m middle age. I agree it’d be disheartening to experience such discomfort and pain at your age.
    I don’t know if this will help, but have you thought about using a larger handle on your crochet hook. If you have a spare hook the same size, you could use polymer clay to make a cover for it. I’ve never done this, but from using the knitting-hooks with larger handles I know it’s more comfortable and less stress on my joints. I’m planning on making a cover for one of my crochet hooks sometime just to try it out.
    From the photo the square looks to be from an heirloom afghan. I bet it’s going to be gorgeous. I look forward to seeing your updates.
    Sending positive healing thoughts your way that your tendonitis clears up soon.

    1. Thank you! I have been thinking about trying some of the hooks with cushioned handles; I’ve heard they can help a lot. I found a set on Amazon that is reasonably priced but for the moment it’s just one of those things falling to the back burner.

      The pattern I am using for this afghan is one of few I have paid for. There are so many lovely patterns made available for free these days I honestly rarely use anything else. But every so often I will come across a paid pattern that is unique enough I don’t mind paying to get it, and this was one of them! I think it was about $5 for the pattern, but I knew I would put it to use so it was worth it!

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