Melting Pot

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I know I do not normally post beauty related stuff here even after retiring my beauty blog but be warned, there will be a couple makeup posts coming soon. I am not ready to post yet – could be just a couple days or another couple of weeks. Not sure. But the point is they are brewing so be ready. 

On a semi related note, this was one of the samples I chose to be in my latest Sephora order. Holy crap. This stuff is freaking amazing! Sadly it is also expensive so I am not going to buy a full size bottle of it. But if you have a more forgiving budget than I do and you need a good gentle exfoilating product, I would definitely recommend you check this one out! 

The dogs across the street said hello to me from their yard when I was getting the mail today. So cute. 😊 I was tempted to go see them but since I really do not know them I opted for just saying hi to them from my side of the road, and made a verbal fuss over them. Which they seemed to enjoy. They were both wagging their tails and barking happy greetings.

That is all for now. Till next time. xoxo


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