Melting Pot


Just hanging out waiting for J to get home from work and I thought I should probably update, as it has been a while since I posted.

I have used my pretty new KitchenAid mixer on numerous occasions since my last post, and I continue to be thrilled with the purchase. 😆 It has come in quite handy, as my wrists have been giving me grief lately. We wanted pizza again (what can I say? I make freaking awesome pizza. 🍕) but my wrists were hurting too much for the usual hand-kneading I would do. The mixer does a FABULOUS job at mixing and kneading pizza dough!

My wrists are still rather sore but they are getting better, slowly but surely. Nothing fires up the desire to knit and/or crochet like being unable to! I had been working on some squares for an afghan, but it has to be put on hold till I can crochet again. Hopefully soon!

I was watching one of my favorite youtubers earlier and she did a challenge that I think would be fun to do. Granted to the best of my knowledge it is meant to be a video/vlog challenge and I am not at all into making videos, I think it would be perfectly fine to just do a picture-based blog post. I am probably going to do the challenge though I can not say when. Till then, you will just have to wait and wonder what it is. Because I like to be vauge like that. 😜

Ok, J will be home any minute so I am off. Love you all. xoxoxo


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