Melting Pot



I have wanted a Kitchen Aid stand mixer for well over a decade. Long story short, I FINALLY have one to call my own, and I love it! 😄❤ Isn’t it beautiful? My sister from another mister, S, has dubbed this lovely mixer Fiona. It seems very fitting somehow. Yes, S and I may be a tad crazy. 😜

I chose a refurbished model to save some money, though it was still a hefty investment. Given my fondness for baking, though, I am sure it will be very much worth it. I did some researching on the head tilt models vs the bowl lift models and after weighing the pros and cons of each I decided that for my needs and preferences the bowl lift model would be preferable. It has a more powerful motor, larger capacity bowl, and is overall a more sturdy appliance. The head tilt models tend to “walk” across the counter when using them for kneading doughs, whereas the bowl lift models do not do this – based on what I have read online about them. I know from using my aunt’s KA mixer which is a head tilt model that it does indeed “walk” a bit with doughs and some stiffer batters. I will find out first-hand soon how the bowl lift model does, as J and I are having pizza at some point over the weekend. I normally make my pizza dough by hand. I am looking forward to trying it out in the mixer instead.

I broke it in by making coconut cream pie. Which translates to the first thing I used it for was whipped cream. It did the fabulous job I expected.


The first piece of pie is never pretty so you get to see the remainder of the pie after said piece was removed from the pie plate, intead. 😊 I looked at quite a few recipes for coconut cream pie, hoping that the one I decided to use for my first time making coconut cream pie would be fabulous. I ended up using the recipe shared on the Add A Pinch blog; you can see the recipe by clicking here. I used a shortbread crust rather than the provided crust recipe but everything else was according to the recipe. This pie is SO delish! I would definitely recommend the recipe to anyone looking for a good coconut cream pie recipe!

I have been very much enjoying my time with J. I am not going to want to leave, when the time comes. Sigh. But that is an emotional ride for another day.


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