Melting Pot

5 Sleeps

Just five more sleeps till quality time with J. Little one is making sure my final week here is off to a difficult start. She has been screaming her head off for most of the day so far. She is teething and there is little I can do to help with the pain of that. What CAN be done is not helping her, so she simply continues to scream and I keep trying to remind myself to remain calm and it will ride itself out, and she will wear herself out into a nice nap in the process. Easier said than done. Babies are fun… 😧

We recently went to Homegoods and I found a mug I talked myself out of getting simply because it is not microwave safe. But I kept kicking myself for talking myself out of it. We found oursevles there again this past weekend and upon walking in I said if they happened to still have it I was getting it this time. I looked where it had been previously but that particular aisle had different products in it entirely. I figured, at that point, said mug had been sold and was not meant to be mine. So I began browsing, not looking for anything in particular. Lo and behold, two aisles over there was a shelf of mugs. Tucked away behind a handful of others, was the one I was after.


It would be better if it said “I’m so fancy” instead of just “fancy”; I still love it. πŸ˜‹πŸ˜Š I got a couple other things as well but did not snap pics while in the store and they are wrapped up, and given the impending travel I am not unwrapping them just to snap pictures. That can wait till I am at J’s.

I should probably start looking for a gift for my dad for Father’s Day. I have something in mind, but want to do some virtual window shopping before I make up my mind.

Little one has finally worn herself out and is now napping. Hopefully she stays asleep till it is time for her afternoon bottle. For now I am off to enjoy a little quiet time, before her big sister returns from dance class.


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