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Meditate Your Weight by Tiffany Cruikshank



It is a pretty safe bet most of us have struggled with weight related issues at least once in our lives. My weight has been something I have fought hard with for quite a few years. I know all the rules, have heard and tried all the advice, have tried various diets etc. Even so, I have not been successful in my weightloss attempts. I am an emotional eater, and I lack willpower with sweets and comfort foods. I can do great at sticking with a workout plan and even with making better food choices. But as soon as my emotions grab hold of me, or I find myself staring into a delicious plate or bowl of something super yummy, I have a hard time holding on to my motivation.


When I saw this book, I was immediately interested because this is a totally new approach to weightloss, to me. In all the advice and tips that people who have no idea what your personal journey is like, have you ever once heard “You should try meditating!” as a weight loss tip? I know I never have. So I was very curious to see what this was all about, and if it might help.


The first part of the book is full of all the science behind why meditation may help you manage your weight. I admit to being skeptical when I first opened it up, but after reading and learning about how, scientifically, meditation can be beneficial in numerous ways, it actually makes a lot of sense.


The second part of the book is a 21 day “retreat”; the actual meditation program. Each day consists of a short passage to read, a guided meditation, a mantra for the day, and some questions for you to think about and answer in a journal after mediating.


The hardest thing is simply getting into the routine of that daily meditation. I have not yet completed the 21 days; I have not managed to make it habit yet so I need to work on that. I can’t say at this point in time whether or not this will truly help me with my weight loss goals. I can, however, say that I do really like this unique approach and even if it does not help me with my weighty issues I do feel I can benefit otherwise from learning about meditation and using the book as my stepping stone to get into the practice of regular meditation.


If you would like to learn more about this book, click here.


I recieved this book from Blogging For Books for this review. 




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