Melting Pot


10 days left till I get to go spend some quality time with J. No I am not at all excited and counting down, why do you ask? 😜

I have an appointment to get my hair cut next week. Fingers crossed that goes well. I have some pictures of some styles I am interested in but need the stylist’s input before I make a final decison. My two main concerns for this cut are removing the dyed underlayer, and low maintence. After five months of kids and chaos, anything more than run my fingers through it and go is just not appealing. (Well, ok, I would not be totally against minimal product use and some scrunching or something super simple. The point is I want as low maintenance as possible.)

I am off. Elder child seems to be having a bad day today and her fussing is causing baby to have a bad day too. (Which means my day is not so hot either.) So I need to go try to deal with it. Emphasis on the word try.



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