Melting Pot


There are 24 more days till I get out of here and head to J’s for some quality time. Not that I am counting or anything…



Don’t get me wrong. I love these little ones, and I WILL miss them when I leave. But I am beyond ready to be done here. They are exhausting. I have been here longer than anticipated, but that’s ok. (It can’t be changed.) At this point there is a definite departure date so my hope has changed from I hope I am done here soon to I hope I do not need to come back in fall. Yes, that may be the case. And as much as I will want to say no… y’all know me. I have issues saying no. Especially to family.

Ok. Little one is fussing so the tiny window of time I tried to steal to blog has slammed shut. Till next time yall.



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