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Simply Calligraphy Judy Detrick


I’ve always loved calligraphy, though other than a brief and non-committal spell in my early teens it is not something I ever learned. Thanks to a friend who is a fountain pen connoisseur, my interest in learning calligraphy has been rekindled. I have ordered a fountain pen for myself online (which is yet to arrive) and have several more I would like to try out in the future, so this book seemed like a good accompaniment to the pen I am waiting for.

The cover is beautiful in its simplicity. I love the pairing of colors. It falls a little short of my expectations, though. It says it is a beginner’s guide, and it is indeed a VERY introductory book.

I appreciate that the author chose to be straight to the point, there is no long-winded self history that has little to nothing to do with the actual content of the book as many authors do these days. She does give a very brief introduction to the book, which I like. After that, she gets right into briefly discussing the simple materials needed for calligraphy and she offers a couple specific product recommendations. I wish there were a few more specific recommendations for each material. A little more in-depth information on the different types of pens and inks would have been nice, too.

As for the actual calligraphy portion of the book, what is provided is very clear and well laid out. The book shows you how to do just one type of lettering, simple punctuation and numerals. The end shows a couple more styles as examples of what you can continue to learn to do, but they are examples only with no instruction. While I appreciate the short and to the point nature of the book, I do wish there were a little more instruction included for a couple other fonts one can create in calligraphy.

Overall it is a nicely presented book and would be ideal for an absolute beginner to calligraphy. If you have ever dabbled in calligraphy or you know a little more about it already, though, you may find it a bit lacking and TOO simple.

You can learn more about this book by clicking here.

I recieved this book from Blogging For Books for this review. 


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