Melting Pot

Book Review

The 4 x 4 Diet by Erin Oprea


This review is specifically for the e-book copy, but this is also available in print.

I was more interested in the 4 minute workouts (called tabata workouts) than the rest of the content in this book. I have done tabata workouts before and enjoy them so I wanted to know a little more about them.

I honestly am not impressed by the book. The first parts about the actual diet are nothing new or innovative. If you have ever tried to lose weight before you have heard it all before. There are some recipes included, many of which do look good.

The workout portion of the book is better but still not great. I do like the explanation of the tabata workouts and that the author provides a couple recommendations for timer apps you can use to time your workouts. The hardest part of the workouts I have done in the past was trying to keep an eye on the time, I never thought there might be apps to make that easier. There are pictures to demonstrate the different moves the author suggests for tabata workouts. The resolution of the pages in the workout section is very low – the pictures and text are grainy and blurry. I do find this portion of the book the most useful, regardless.

Overall for me this (e) book is not at all worth the price tag. The diet portion is nothing we have not all heard and the quality of the pages in the workout portion is very poor. I would recommend utilizing the internet to gather information on tabata workouts, and spend the money you would have spent on this book on some workout gear (like resistance bands or dumbbells etc) or some healthy groceries instead.

I received this book from Blogging For Books for this review.


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