Melting Pot

10 Day Writing Challenge: Day 5

Six Things I Wish I’d Never Done

1. Become friends with G. All that relationship ever did was cause chaos and hurt.

2. Cancel my driving test. I was heartbroken over losing a friend in a car accident and it had me freaked out but looking back on that, it was a huge mistake.

3. Kept everything hidden from my parents when I was younger. Maybe if I had found the courage to tell at least one of them, things could have gone differently.

4. A couple guys come to mind here – ones I wish I’d never given the time of day. They were so not worth it, and they definitely didn’t deserve it. On the flip side now I look back and see a couple who would have been good for me but I was too dense to see their efforts and interest and totally missed out on giving them a chance when I could.

5. Let certain people take advantage of me & put me in the middle of their problems. I should have stood up for myself and told them to deal with things themselves.

6. Wasted so much time afraid to strike up a conversation with him. Things could be so different today if I had just had the courage to say something.


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