Melting Pot

10 Day Writing Challenge: Day 3

Eight Ways to Win my Heart

1. Be yourself. It’s doomed from the beginning if you are living a lie pretending to be someone you’re not to get me to like/love you.

2. Be considerate of my feelings. Ask me for my thoughts and opinions on things. You don’t have to agree with me or make use of any advice/opinions I may offer, but if you consider what I have to say it lets me know I mean something in your life. It lets me know that you are concerned how your decisions might have an impact on me as well.

3. Be there for me. I might not always want to talk about it when something is bothering me, but that doesn’t mean I don’t need you to be around to offer some silent support. Sometimes I just need you to sit with me and be close.

4. Show some affection. I don’t need much in the way of gifts to be happy, but I crave affection like oxygen. Give me lots of hugs and kisses, make time to cuddle with me, do little things for me to show you care like helping out with household chores, cook my favorite meal for me once in a while etc.

5. Acknowledge & reassure me. I need to know that I am wanted and needed; I need to know that what I offer to a relationship (romantic or otherwise) does not go unnoticed, that the things I do are appreciated. I screw up and don’t always do all I should, and I know that. But I do try, and without reassurance and acknowledgment I can start to feel unimportant and unwanted, like what I do doesn’t matter. When I start to slip into that mindset it is easy for me to stop doing the things I do and to stop trying because I feel like it’s not noticed anyway so why bother? I need to know that I do matter, that I do make a difference, even if it’s only slight.

6. Listen. People can hear without truly listening; it’s never good when that happens. Pay attention and really listen when I have something to say.

7. Understand that sometimes I need some alone time. It doesn’t mean I am angry or that I don’t want you in my life anymore or anything. I just need time to myself to “recharge”.

8. Be respectful. Toward me, others, and yourself. Nobody likes to be treated poorly – if you’re rude, I will not stick around.


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