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Fulcrum Gallery Review

Fulcrum Gallery has a wide variety of products for those looking for artwork to spruce up their home or work space. The site is well designed and very easy to navigate. You can shop through various categories (room, style, subject etc) or search for something you may have in mind.

When you select a piece of framed artwork, you can then choose from various options of matting, frames, and glass to customize your print.

The price range includes something for every budget, so whether you can only spend a little or you have a lot of wiggle room, you are sure to find something you like that fits in your spending limit.

Y’all know I adore wolves, and have a collection of numerous pieces of artwork and decor items that feature wolves. I found quite a few wolf themed pieces that are stunning, and ultimately chose this one:


I opted for no matting on this one and a very simple black frame, so the details of the painting stand out more. I am a big fan of simple frames and letting the photos or artwork inside speak for itself! I also got the standard acrylic plexiglass, because I wanted to see how it compares to the museum glass I have in another piece. There is a definite difference, with the museum glass of course being better between the two. However, the quality of the plexiglass is exceptional, and much better than the standard glass found in your typical retail store frames. If you can afford to splurge on the museum glass definitely do it, but if you can only swing the basic plexiglass you will still be happy with it for sure!

If you’d like to check out this and other animal-themed pieces available from Fulcrum Gallery, check out the following url:

Now is a perfect time to shop as their Black Friday prices are already in effect. You can find some really amazing deals right now, and perhaps a perfect gift for the art lover(s) on your gift list!

I received my selected artwork in exchange for this review.


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