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Halloween Cupcakes & Randomosity

I baked some Halloween cupcakes over the weekend. I had been wanting to try “glow in the dark” icing for quite some time so that was my excuse.  It doesn’t  really glow in the dark,  but under black light.  Folks still refer to it as glow in the dark.  My first batch was a total disaster in every way,  so the second time I did things a little differently and it turned out much better.  The secret ingredient is tonic water. 






Honestly,  it was a bit of a let down.  The glowing effect is not nearly as impressive as I had hoped. The cupcakes have to be pretty close to the black light to glow,  but more than that the tonic water affects the flavor of the icing.  It also needs to be made with vegetable shortening.  Butter will not work for this recipe.  (Remember I said the first batch was a disaster?  I tried using half shortening and half butter.) It also required more powdered sugar than I would normally use,  so the resulting icing is sweeter than I normally make.  Overall not worth the effort,  honestly.  But I am glad to have crossed it off my list of things to try.  I’ve  been asked to make more of these for someone’s daughter to take to her school ‘s Halloween party next week but with my usual icing (which is less sweet and much creamier and more yummy) instead of the glow icing.  The same person’s sister may also want some,  and they have offered to pay,  but it remains to be seen if they still want them with my estimated price.  I spent some serious time figuring out the cost to make them,  and then determining what my time is worth in making them.  While they are overall quite simple,  they are extremely time consuming.  My estimated price (without knowing how many cupcakes they want) is $36 per dozen.  We’ll  see. 

I also got a couple tri color couplers,  which were used for these.  Honestly I am not sure how I feel about them.  Neat idea for sure but I know how to do this sort of thing without such a gadget.  Frankly this ends up putting too much icing on the cupcakes,  in my opinion.  And it is a little awkward to use.  I will probably stick to using the usual method for this.  (Use a large piping bag and carefully put in the different colors side by side.  Alternately fill smaller bags with single colors then place them into a larger bag and have the tip on the larger bag.) 


Cooler temperatures are here for good.  We have had a few light frosts already,  and the low temperatures at night have been in the low 30’s to upper 20’s.  It is warming up a tad this week but then more cold on the way.  We also had some snow flurries over the weekend.  Nothing to stick around,  but still snow. 

I took a few pictures of the marigolds with frost on them the other morning.  Most did not turn out as I had Rascal with me and she wanted me to keep moving and was tugging on her leash,  so the pictures ended up blurry.  But that’s ok. 



I’ve  got a terrible back ache.  I couldn’t  sleep last night because my back hurts so badly.  I usually sleep on my side or stomach,  but those positions were not possible with this back ache.  I had to lie on my back,  which is not comfortable for me but it was the only way my back did not hurt quite so much.  I can scarcely move.  I took two ibuprofen but they did nothing to help.  😕 I will have to try to find a heating pad. If I could move in a way to do it,  I would rub some Tiger Balm on it but I can’t  reach the area that hurts on a good day so I definitely can’t  reach it now when moving hurts so much. What sleep I did get I actually dreamed my back hurt but I was able to sit in a hot tub with massaging jets making it feel better.  Sigh.  If only I could do that for real! Hot tubs are a wonderful thing for back aches and relaxing. 

I also woke up sick,  this morning. So yeah I am feeling lousy,  at the moment.  Hopefully I feel better soon.  I have too much to do around the house to be sick and in pain like this. 


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