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You First by Lea Michele


This book is meant to be a guided journal to help you recognize what you truly want from life and empower you to make your dreams reality. The idea is that physically writing things down is the first concrete step in making things happen.

I was not too impressed, though. There is a fairly lengthy section for family history – the reader is encouraged to speak to family members about family history and record it in the journal. Things like where did your family come from, when and why did they move to the country you are now in, how did your parents meet etc. This is all of no use to me, for a couple reasons but the main one being all the questions are things that have been discussed for me before and the simple fact is my family does not know much of our history. The few folks old enough to possibly share the sort of information here have nothing to share, because in previous generations things simply were not discussed, so no one knows. It felt like a middle or high school family tree project and just like back then it left me feeling awkward because I just can’t fill in the blanks like others can.

The longest section of the book, almost 90 pages, is dedicated to being a food and fitness journal. I guess this makes sense as most people (myself included) would like to lose weight but for a journal meant to be about what you want most in life, it was a bit disappointing that the main focus seems to be keeping track of what you ate and how you exercised. I can do that in any old notebook, I don’t need prompts to do that.

The section for ambition was shockingly short given that was, to my mind, what the whole book should have been about. The topics covered were not very diverse at all.

The section on relationships is focused primarily on friendships, which could potentially leave a person feeling very lonely if they are not a social person and therefore do not have much in the way of any true friendships in their life.

The main message of this book is “You First is about respecting and understanding what you really want – and then going out to achieve it.” It falls terribly short, in my opinion. There is nothing new or innovative, nothing that will touch you on a deeper level or make you really stop to think about who you are or what you want out of life, nothing we have not all already asked ourselves or thought about a thousand times. (For example, we have all been asked to list characteristics we look for in a friend/romantic partner countless times.) The cover is beautiful – too bad the pages tucked inside are not at all useful. I am also not a fan of the font that was used for the prompts and some sections of text – it is a little difficult to read, as many “pretty” fonts tend to be.

To me this feels like nothing but a celebrity grab to make money off the current trend of journaling.

If you want to know more about this book, click here.

I received this book from Blogging For Books for this review.


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