Melting Pot

Saturday Somethings

I am *thisclose* to finishing that secret knit project. It would have been finished up a couple days ago, but I am an idiot. I bought the wrong kind of [item] for it. I ordered a new one of the correct type, and it should arrive by the middle of next week. Once that gets here, a day or two more will be needed and the project will finally be 100% complete.

My sister gave me a skein of a new yarn she is thinking of adding to her shop. She gave me the undyed skein, saying maybe I could try dying it. She is nervous about it and wants to do more research on the best method to dye this particular yarn. I think she knew my curiosity would outweigh hers and I would go for it with the on hand supplies I have. lol No details beyond that for now. You’ll have to wait and find out what it is if she does decide to add it to her shop. All I can say is it is very, very interesting. I can’t wait for it to dry so I can knit a swatch and see how it works up!

I got the new SensatioNail lamp. I didn’t know they had come up with an updated model till they posted to their instagram recently. I did not expect to find it locally for a while, as new things tend to reach this area well after seemingly the rest of the country. But sure enough they had it at the local mart of wals! The best part is even with all the great new features it is the same price the old model was. I naturally had to give myself a fresh manicure to test it out right away. I love it! I would highly recommend it if you use gel nail polish. 🙂 Here is a picture I posted to instagram. Because I don’t feel up to further edit pictures with the blog url. (It’s been one of those days for me.)


My old lamp still works just fine, so I didn’t need to upgrade. I just really really wanted to. lol A friend of mine is getting the old one, she plans to get her daughter some gel polishes for Christmas this year and this will save her a little money in doing so.

I also got three ice cream makers this week. Yes you read that right. Three. Bear with me a second here while I explain. First and foremost, we make homemade ice cream pretty regularly. We haven’t made any for a long time though, because the motor on our current one is getting iffy on how long it will last. (Few things are as disappointing as getting yourself all excited for homemade ice cream only for the motor to burn out when all you have in the canister is very cold perhaps slightly slushy sweetened milk and cream. Trust me.) We just had not been able to get a new one yet. A couple weeks ago, as the end of the season brought the seasonal items to clearance shelves, we almost got one that was marked down to $15. We ended up not getting it. Last week they were still the same price, and stock was still plentiful. Again we decided to wait it out a little longer. Yesterday they only had three left, now marked down to $7.50 each. Regularly priced around $35 each. Obviously buying all three made sense. lol They also had one remaining smaller one for the same price and I almost considered that one as well for times I want to make a smaller batch of ice cream. But I figured three of the larger model would be fine. We rarely make small batches anyway. After all, when stored properly it has a nice long shelf life in the freezer so why not go big when making it?

I will be baking some Halloween cupcakes soon. Just wait till you see them. I need one more thing from the store, for the presentation. I won’t be baking till I have that final item. I can’t wait! 😁


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