Melting Pot


Fall is officially here, now. While there are still some warmer days ahead, it has cooled significantly the past couple of weeks. Some trees already started turning to their autumn colors back in the end of July and first weeks of August, though of course there is still a little time before the majority of them change. It will not be long, though.

Last week I purchased some 5*7 canvas panels that unfortunately I may not be using. A couple of the panels have what appears to be MOLD on them. If it is present on those couple, I hesitate to use the others as it is quite possible though they seem ok right now there may be mold lurking just beneath the surface. These spots were concealed beneath the labels, so I could not possibly have known and avoided the problem prior to the purchase. I immediately wrote to the manufacturer, Daler Rowney, via the contact form on their web site. A full week passed with no response, not even a courtesy “We have received your message, someone will be in touch with you as soon as possible” message. So I posted to their Facebook page, along with the picture as proof.


I still have not received a response to either attempt to get someone from the company to address this issue. To be fair the facebook post was made yesterday morning and it is now the weekend, however given the circumstances I should not still be waiting for a response to my email after a full week. Even if they do get back to me and resolve this matter to my satisfaction, I have already made up my mind to not purchase their canvases anymore. They are only ok anyway, I have used them simply due to accessibility to the product. But as y’all know I am a huge believer in good customer service, and I buy from companies I know are awesome and will help me out quickly if needed. That description does not apply to Daler Rowney, at this point. I have already chosen my new brand. I do have to go just a little further away to get them; but they are comparably priced, higher quality, and available in a much wider range of sizes. Also, they do not have any labels on them to cover any potentially bad areas that may exist. I can fully examine each canvas before purchasing, to make sure there is nothing wrong with them. As for the Daler Rowney canvas panels with the mold/mold exposure? I honestly have not decided. My sister suggested I try mold cleaner on them. It certainly would not hurt, since the worst case scenario is the cleaner completely destroys the canvas but they are not usable with mold on them anyway so there is absolutely nothing to lose. If nothing else I can consider them fire starter, for the coming cold weather.

I got two new mugs this week. I really, really like The Pioneer Woman’s line of kitchenware that is now available and have been admiring things for the past month or so since I first saw it in the store. This week I caved and got two mugs. Sadly, less than twenty-four hours later, I only have one. I was washing dishes and one mysteriously fell from the dish rack and shattered. sigh. 😐 Not at all a quality issue – just a my crappy luck issue. Anyway, I remember reading Ree’s blog years ago, before she was internet famous. She is still one of my go-to sources for recipes. I have always admired the kitchenware she uses, and her new line of things in the store is just full of gorgeousness! I sincerely want to get rid of everything we currently have to replace it with her stuff, from the silverware to the cookware. I will have to replace the broken mug next week.

I decided to make my instagram private, again. Long story short: I (stupidly) chimed in on a post, trying to be a voice of reason and to get people back on subject after a couple folks decided tonbe nasty toward someone who (politely) chose to voice her differing opinion on the post. Needless to say things quickly got ugly despite my best efforts to get everyone to just let things go. (Being the perpetual peace-maker has downfalls… you get dragged down with the people you are trying to help.) I did not participate long, as I quickly saw the girls who were being so nasty are of the “I know everything and am always right” variety. They were preaching acceptance and open mindedness, whilst simultaneously insulting anyone who voiced a different opinion (or those who tried to defend them). I commented a couple times but when I saw that was how it would be, I let it go. I did continue to follow the “conversation” a bit just out of morbid curiosity. It ended up getting so nasty the company that made the initial post ended up deleting it. I blocked the couple folks who were attacking me, but also decided to set my profile as private, lest they decide to create another profile to creep mine. (Based on my own browsing of their profiles, and the other stuff they comment on, they are the type to do that.) Just ridiculous – supposed to be grown women fighting so much and being so nasty, over opinions about makeup. I swear, I am embarrassed to be a woman sometimes, knowing I am lumped together with that sort of bullshit. Anyway the point is my IG is now private, so if you would like to follow me there you will have to send me a request.

I have a lot of knitting to catch up on, so I’m off. Till next time.


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