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Y’all know I am a huge fan of all things “girly”. I love pampering products, though honestly for me it is extremely difficult to just sit and relax and do nothing. I always have to be doing *something*. Taking some time to relax is important to everyone, though, so while it is hard for me to shut off my brain for a while I do try to take some “me time” now and then to unwind. As such, I love good pampering bath and body products – scrubs, lotions, creams etc. One of my favorite things is facial masks. Mud masks, peel off masks, clay masks; basically anything goes. Mud masks are among my favorites. “Mud” and “girly” don’t usually go together. Unless it is a mud mask. Then it is a wonderful thing.


This is one of the best mud masks I have ever used! I have dry/combo skin and some mud masks leave my skin feeling dried out (even though they shouldn’t) but this one leaves my skin soft and glowing.

The fragrance of this mud mask is really relaxing. It contains lavender, chamomile, and sage which are all things known for their calming effects. Just applying this mask helps me slow down and remember to “just breathe” and relax. I can’t lie, once it is on I still have to fight the urge to then go do things around the house and just sit and relax for a while. (Am I the only one who will apply a mask then go wash dishes?)

My favorite thing, though, is that this mask does double duty as a gentle exfoliant. Exfoliating is an important step in skin care and I freely admit it is one I skip a lot. I like products that can efficiently tackle multiple jobs, so this is a total win for me!

One tip I have: apply facial masks with a makeup brush instead of your fingers. I find that it is too easy to apply too much product if applying with my fingers, and most facial masks require just a thin layer of product to be applied. Using a brush really helps with this, and as a bonus you’ll get a lot more uses out of a container than you otherwise would so it is also a money saver! Any good flat foundation brush will work – I like to use my Japonesque Angled Foundation brush or my Michael Marcus Prime brush to apply face masks. For those not familiar with makeup brushes, here is what they look like, and the basic type of brush you want to look for:


Another product I use a lot of is conditioner. I go through conditioner like crazy even in normal circumstances. Since I am currently growing out the bleached underlayer of my hair from my colorful hair adventures earlier this year, conditioner is even more of a must than ever. While I only bleached a couple times, my hair definitely suffered in the process. A lot.


The Silk 18 conditioner is wonderful! Not the absolute best conditioner I have ever used, but certainly in the top three!

This conditioner has done a better job of hydrating that bleached underlayer of hair than my current conditioner which is specifically for color treated/damaged hair. That layer of hair is noticeably softer and more hydrated after just a couple uses. The conditioner is lightweight and not at all greasy in any way. One of the marks of a truly great conditioner, to me, is that it has the ability to lather. Yes folks, if used properly many conditioners do actually lather. Not that one that doesn’t lather can’t be awesome – I just find that in general those that do are better than those that don’t. This one does indeed work into a nice light lather.

Once again fragrance plays a role, as this has a fabulous light vanilla fragrance! Not a sweet, fake, candy vanilla like many commercial products have but a soft, genuine vanilla. I make my own vanilla extract so you can trust me when I say this smells like true vanilla! I love that the scent actually lasts in my hair, too. The next day my hair still smells good. 🙂

This leaves my hair soft and shiny, and helps to tame frizz and tangles. Overall a wonderful conditioner, likely to become one of my more frequently used hair care products!

Overall I am extremely pleased with the quality of these products, and am definitely going to check out some more from Maple Holistics asap! I would recommend checking them out for sure. Their price range is quite reasonable, and the quality really is great.

If you would like to check them out, and learn how you can earn free product from them, check them out at the following url:  

I received these products for my honest review. The Maple Holistics blogger connection is sponsored by


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