Melting Pot

Ten Random Facts

Because these posts are fun, right?

1. I can’t tell what direction sounds come from. It always amazes me when there is a sound, and someone will listen for a couple seconds and be able to tell which direction, even if only approximately, it came from. I can’t do that unless the source of the sound was very close to me. Maybe it is because I have spent 98% of my life literally at the bottom of a valley where every noise seems to come from all directions at once due to the way the sounds bounce back off the hills?

2. I get sick to my stomach if I am overly tired. I think it is my body’s way of forcing me to sleep. Too bad it doesn’t seem to apply when I am suffering from insomnia…

3. I have never had a professional manicure. The closest I ever came was being a guinea pig for my then best friend in high school when she took her cosmetology courses.

4. Sometimes I wish life were a musical so I could just randomly start singing to express my feelings. Yep I am that much of a dork.

5. My brother and nephews are such a nonexistent part of my life I honestly sometimes forget about them completely. Like when I am talking to someone new and they ask about siblings/kids my response will be “I have a sister and two nieces”. Then at some point later on I will realize I have a brother and two nephews too, like oh… oops. That’s right. heh.

6. I love my family but the truth is, I am totally afraid to be myself around them.

7. I had a crush on Richard Gere when I was about twelve. I still do. Yes, he is old enough to be my father. Shut up. I like older men, what can I say?

8. I am apparently among few who prefer carpet over other types of flooring. Carpet is warm and soft… all y’all who prefer other flooring are weirdos.

9. I tend to hold a grudge and do not forgive easily. So if you hurt me and yet I manage to forgive you and move beyond it, you’re incredibly special and important to me.

10. This;)



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