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Search Terms

I wish Google did not encrypt search terms. I understand the hypothetical ‘”privacy reasons” but honestly that was a pointless move. Google does not care about your privacy. They know more about you than web site owners ever would by the search terms used. All I get to know is what you were looking for. I do not know who you are, where you are etc. Meanwhile if you google something, that something will take over the ads you see as you browse. That they call “enhanced user experience”. It’s the internet. There is no true privacy.

But I digress. One of my favorite things to do is used to be looking at the search terms people used to find my blog. Sometimes stuff was funny, sometimes it made the mind boggle, and sometimes it just made you wonder what in the world the search engines found on your page that directed someone there for that search term. These days most of the search terms are encrypted, so I see very little of what brings people here. This is a shame because I used to use those search terms to help me decide what to write about.

Even so, sometimes some good ones show up. I have a suspicion the truly entertaining ones are lost in the “unknown search terms” aka the “Google is being a diva and not sharing useful information with people who could use it just to be a bitch search terms”.

I browsed through them a bit tonight. Most of them are basic, not terribly amusing one way or another terms. I have to say I was surprised by how often people just legit search for this blog. That is flattering and humbling to say the least. Here are some of the search terms that stood out to me as I browsed through them. These are all for past years. I will do a post at the end of the year with search terms just from this year, if there are any good ones that are actually visible to me.

what do experts say about french toast

Not being an expert myself, I can’t really answer this. If they share my opinion, however, I can speak for them in saying french toast is awesome. 😁

cool glow things

Yes, things that glow are usually cool.

crochet things

Are you instructing me to crochet things? What sort of things? Thing 1 and Thing 2?

how to make a fondant lizard

My fondant skills are lacking bro. I prefer buttercream.

everyday love

I just thought this was a nice search term to see tucked in the stats. ❤

should i make a puffle cake

Yes. You should. They are easy and fun so what are you waiting for?! As a side note my post about puffle cakes has remained one of my top posts ever, though I haven’t a clue how/why it is so popular. I may revisit that topic though, with an updated tutorial. What do you think?

cake bottoms

Is that anything like Apple Bottoms? Or maybe it is more along the lines of muffin tops? Hmmm…

dutch boy cherries

This made me chuckle because I know it was my salon hair cut horror story that landed the person(s) using this term on my blog. 😂

what is a flower nail for baking cakes

Actually, flower nails are not intended to be used when baking cakes. They CAN be used as an effective heating core substitute, but the intended purpose of flower nails is for making icing flowers for decorating the cake. Perhaps a post on using flower nails is in order?



i hate facebook 2014

I hate facebook always. Kinda weird you only hated it that one year.


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