Melting Pot


I am feeling a little under the weather today. Not sure why, I just feel sort of “off”. Hopefully it passes soon.

Further evidence of how spoiled Rascal is: one of the latest purchases for her was an Aqua Fountain. Rascal has always preferred to drink water that is moving – from a hose, a water bottle, a stream etc. So for fifteen bucks this seemed worth it to encourage her to drink more water.


This is a little device that you place in the water bowl and it keeps the water moving constantly. It has a couple different settings to control the flow of water. Rascal seems to like it best on the highest setting. It does require a fairly deep bowl to function properly. The instructions state to cover it completely with water. Well when I do that Rascal’s bowl is about thisclose to overflowing. And it won’t stay full as she drinks anyway right? So, I just fill the bowl as usual. It also has a carbon filter to help make sure the water is clean. I only ever give Rascal filtered water anyway – I won’t drink water straight from the tap, I don’t expect her to do so either. But a little extra filtration isn’t a bad thing. Indeed Rascal likes it, and she drinks from her water bowl much more often now. I am pleased. Now if only this thing also chilled the water, it would be perfect. Rascal prefers chilled water.



Speaking of my little Rascal…





This is her “Are you gonna throw it? Throw it, throw it!” stance when we play fetch. lol


The only thing she enjoys more than tug of war…


… is just straight up tearing stuff to shreds. 😂


This pretty fella was on my marigolds last week. He was bashful and didn’t give me a chance to get better pictures than this one.

I am taking a little break from knitting for a day or two as my wrists are sore from all the work I have put in on a project the last few days. It is coming along nicely, though, and while not perfect I am pleased. It will be a while before it is done and I share details, and my other projects are on hold while I focus on this one.

I have decided to try Foap. Foap is a photo selling app. I am not putting my best work there. They offer zero control on the type of license you can offer, or the price. Everything gets a commercial and/or editorial license (depending on the presence of people in the images and whether model releases were acquired) and images are a flat rate of $5 a piece. I do not expect to make anything, honestly. But it is free, so it doesn’t hurt to try.

My phone has been giving me trouble lately. I swear since ATT took over, Cricket sucks… but that is a rant for another day. Thank goodness for my tablet from my mom! I would not have a reliable internet connection without it, right now!

I have some things to tackle around the house, so I am off.

Until next time. xoxoxo


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