Melting Pot

Double Standards

I’m in a little bit of a mood today, and feel like venting about something that’s gotten under my skin. Consider yourself warned.

I am not naming names, though I doubt anyone directly involved reads this blog or even knows of its existence. Those who know me will probably pick up on who it is directly in reference to anyway.

I recently had the pleasure of listening to a group of married women discussing their husbands, married life, and “modern feminism”. I kept my mouth shut the entire time, though I was itching to blast these women for their hypocrisy and ignorance. I knew that in the time and place it would have been highly inappropriate, I would have been skewered myself and accused of being “part of the problem”, they would have the argument that “You aren’t married so you don’t know” and I can’t fight that one, and at least one of the women in this conversation is someone I already have a very strained relationship with anyway and I really do not need to go and make things worse unnecessarily. But oh did these women set my blood boiling with their nonsense.

The conversation started with them wanting to plan a “girl’s weekend” in Vegas. One of the husbands overheard and said yeah that would be fine, but what about us? Do we get a guy’s weekend in Vegas too? The women laughed and said they would fix up one of their home’s basements to look like Vegas and that could be their guy’s weekend. One of them  said “That’s the only way I’d trust my husband in Vegas.”

From there it just snowballed into nearly an hour of man-bashing. These women completely belittled their husbands, and men in general, as being completely useless, incompetent fools who cannot be trusted to ever do anything because they will screw it up.


I’ve heard the way a couple of these women talk TO their husbands as well and it is indeed the same way they were talking ABOUT them. And it made me sick.

You’ve been lucky enough to find someone who wants to share their life with you. Why on earth are you treating them so poorly? If your opinion of men is so unfavorable, why the hell did you get married? You don’t need a man to have a baby, these days, if you just wanted kids. There is this thing called a sperm bank. You can have your kids minus the great hassle that apparently is your husband. If you can’t trust him and think he is so useless, don’t marry him. Leave him available for a woman who will appreciate him and be happy to have him around.

Modern feminism my ass. Feminism, modern or otherwise, is not supposed to be about belittling other women who choose to live differently than you think they should (I see this a LOT) nor is it supposed to be a free ticket to treat men like shit. It is supposed to be about having equal political rights as men and earning equal wages FOR EQUAL WORK PERFORMANCE as men. It is about having the freedom to choose for yourself as a woman whether you would rather tackle the business world or stay home and raise a family. Not turning the tables and demeaning men. Not getting jobs you are not qualified for and pay you have not earned just because you have a vagina. Not to cry “sexism” every time you don’t get your way. If you want men to treat you with respect, maybe you should stop being such an abusive bitch and treat them with respect. Maybe if you act like a lady you’ll be treated like one. There is a huge difference between being an assertive, driven woman who can take charge and being an ignorant, egotistical, controlling bitch.

I like traditional gender roles: man brings home the bacon and is head of the household, woman is the caring homemaker. There should be a great mutual respect, kindness, and an avoidance of double standards in a relationship.  To feminazis this makes me the enemy. Guess what honey? I don’t care. Because to the feminazi crowd, nobody male or female is ever good enough anyway except for themselves. If you are a woman who chooses not to wear makeup or wear fancy clothes etc you’re a heathen and a lazy slob. If you do wear makeup and enjoy fashion, you’re a shallow materialistic bimbo. There is no in-between. If you want to conquer the business world you’re a selfish bitch. If you just want to be a housewife and/or stay at home mom, you are a backward anti-feminist cavewoman living in the dark ages or you’ve been brainwashed by those evil evil men to think that is what you want. Again, there is no middle ground to the feminazis. So given their vast disapproval of everyone and everything, among numerous other unappealing things, why on earth would I ever give a hoot what they think about what my personal beliefs and choices are? I don’t make my decisions about these things to please anyone but myself. If my happiness and wellbeing is such a great concern to you, you need to trust that I know what I want better than you do and just mind your own business. If I want your input I will ask for it. Till then, leave me alone to live my life as I please.

It is all a bunch of nonsense. Feminazis fail to see the hypocrisy of the things they say and do in the name of supposed equality between the sexes. Be honest here girls – you don’t want to be equal to men. You want to be superior. You’re not fooling anybody. If you wanted equality you would work hard to earn it and prove you deserve it, rather than what you are actually doing: playing the poor little victim any time someone hurts your precious feelings and getting “ahead” by throwing temper tantrums about how unfair your life is and how you’ve supposedly been so mistreated just because of your boobs.


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