Melting Pot



I couldn’t resist adding two new plants to my growing collection. They were on clearance for under $2 each, and a little sad looking. This picture is from the day I bought them last week. I am hoping with a little love they will perk up. Y’all know I have trouble keeping plants alive, but knock on wood I have successfully kept quite a few houseplants going for a couple months now. That may not seem like a long time to you. But for me it is a huge accomplishment. I will share another picture of these ones in a couple weeks, if they perk up. I don’t even know what they are. Honestly I never care what any given plant is, I go by what I like visually. The one on the left has the tag with all the pertinent information in it but the one on the right doesn’t. I just love the purply pink on that one!


Another of my recent crafty projects was applying some stained glass to our front door. I had been wanting to do this for ages but it just never happened. My mom wanted to clear out her craft room a bit, which meant I was allowed to take pretty much anything I wanted. Among the things she was getting rid of were some stained glass supplies. I googled for a template I liked and printed it out. It was too small so I printed two copies and taped them together to fit the window to my liking. I had actually planned to do the design on all three panels, but my arms and neck quickly protested that idea while applying the leading for the center panel. I am short so had to look and reach up for pretty much all of this. No, standing on a chair is not an option. I am way too clumsy. Anyway I like it this way better anyway, now that it is done. 🙂


As seen from inside before putting the curtain back in place.


As seen from inside with the curtain back up.


As seen from outside.

The front door needs fresh paint but that is a project for another day.

My shawl is on the back burner while I focus my knitting efforts on a gift for someone. It has taken a lot of effort and frustration just to get started. I had issues meeting gauge, and have had some trouble in getting going thanks to that. I am pretty sure I am good to go on it now though. I had to start over because I had thought I had it figured out but when I double checked that things were correct (sixteen rows in) I discovered my calculations were off. I’ve cast on again but have not worked any further beyond that. Tomorrow. Hopefully now I am where I need to be with gauge, so that I can really get into working on it.

I’ve got a few things I need to tackle quickly before bed, so I’m off. xoxo


One thought on “Randoms

  1. Those are some good looking plants. I hope they flourish for you. I don’t have any luck with houseplants. I like them though, they give extra life to a home.
    You did a great job with the stain glass paints. Your creation looks very professional. Good choice on design and colors. Your door looks very welcoming and cheerful.
    I figure your knitting project will turn out great. You’re knitting skills and talent are wonderful.

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