No-Sew Sock Snowmen

I can scarcely keep my eyes open today. Lack of sleep is catching up to me and my body seems to want to try to play catch-up, but sleeping during the day is sure not going to help me sleep at night. So, I am fighting the urge to sleep right now and hoping that I can get to sleep at a reasonable time tonight.

I have been busy this weekend, though not at all with what I had planned to do this weekend. I have done some crafting between the other things though so while not what I planned to take care of this weekend at least I have done some stuff I wanted to do.

It took me quite a while in the local craft store to find the poly beads I couldn’t order from Amazon. They moved things around a bit since my last visit so I had to hunt for everything on my list, and like that wasn’t enough the poly beads were in a different aisle than the polyfil where I was expecting it to be. I was about to give up on it when I saw it by chance on one last trip down an aisle I had been in three times already. I wasn’t looking low enough to see them on the bottom shelf. Figures. lol

As for what those poly beads were needed for: some cute no-sew snowmen decorations! My mom shared a video tutorial on facebook recently (video linked below) and I just had to make some for myself. I did do a few things differently for mine, however. I also have some ideas for other things that can be made with this same basic idea, for other holidays and seasons. I will share those once I have made them though as they will take a little thought on the variations in how to achieve what I want.

Here is the tutorial for anyone interested:

What I did differently, besides the decorative bits which of course you can vary however you please:

Obviously, I used poly beads instead of rice to fill mine. I know rice is probably seen as a more economical choice but, two things: 1. I worry about bugs getting into it if used for decorative purposes such as this, and 2. I am not keen on wasting food in this manner. You may not see this as wasteful, and if not and you want to use rice go right ahead, I am not judging. Just saying that for me personally I would rather not use a food item for this purpose when there is a crafting item available that can be used instead.

I just used small clear hair elastics to close them up and to section the head and body. It just seemed a little faster and easier to me. Plus I already had them and thus did not have to spend money on string.

I didn’t want to use pins for the faces on mine. I am clumsy. I am absentminded. I am the kind of person who is going to forget about those pins and just grab the decorations to move them and stab myself in the process. Instead I used rhinestones for the eyes. I even lucked out and found black rhinestones, perfect for the traditional coal eyes of a snowman! The smallest size was perfect for the full-size snowmen I made but too big for the “baby”, so for that one I used a couple smaller blue rhinestones.

For the noses, I had planned to use orange rhinestones. But while I was browsing the craft store I stumbled onto adorable little carrot noses. No further explanation needed here! I did have to hold the noses in place till the glue was set, which took several minutes. Totally worth it though. (I did use a rhinestone for the “baby” snowman nose, however, since the carrot nose would have been too big.)

For the hats, I did plan to use the cuffs of the socks as in the tutorial. But again, my casual browsing of the craft store led me to felt top hats in just the right size! I also hand crocheted a hat for the “baby” snowman (which I made out of the cuff of a sock) and I knit and crocheted the scarves for each of them to wear. This was a great use for smaller bits of scrap yarn leftover from other projects.

Everything got glued on – except the scarves – with my trusty E600, which if you’re not familiar with is an awesome glue that works on almost everything. If you have never used it before two warnings: it loves to ooze out of the bottle especially when it is still a full tube so be very careful with it in this regard. If you are quick and careful you can manipulate the tube a bit to cease the oozing before it makes a mess. Do a little magic with the tube to stop the flow then cap it before you set it down between uses to avoid any potential disasters while you are crafting. Warning number two is to be aware that if there is glue residue left on the nozzle when you close it, and it is allowed to dry with the cap on… you will be lucky to get the cap back off. Always wipe any residue from the nozzle before capping. When you are done with the glue and will not need it again till the next time you craft, wipe any residue off then coat the nozzle with a thin layer of Vaseline. The Vaseline ensures that you’ll be able to get the cap off just in case you missed any glue residue.

So with all that said, here are my adorable little snowmen:


An FYI on this: Obviously you can use any size socks you like for this. I didn’t want these to be enormous decorations nor did I want them to be too small. I used some size medium socks from the girl’s department. You can adjust their size a little bit by where you cut the sock as well. Mine each stand about 5″ tall including the hats. The “baby” was made with the cut-off cuff, and is about 3″ tall. I think this is an ideal size for them. Another FYI note is that one 1 pound bag of poly beads was enough to fill three “adult” snowmen and the “baby”. Obviously the amount of beads you will need will vary based on the size socks you are using and how much you choose to fill them. But I thought it would be nice to offer up how far I got with them so this paired with the size socks I used can help give you a general idea of how many bags you’ll need if you plan to make some of these for yourself. 🙂

I am probably going to make another baby to round out the little collection, because I don’t like odd numbers. Yes I know, I am weird. lol

I did a couple other projects but this post is pretty lengthy so I will save sharing those for another day.

1 thought on “No-Sew Sock Snowmen”

  1. ~applause~ Absolutely adorable. What a fun and creative craft and no sewing makes it awesome. That video is a peach. Thanks for sharing it.
    I agree about the rice. I’ve always wondered about weevils and beetles and the bean bag/rice bag toys & decor… and what if they gets wet or the humidity is up and then ya got mold and fungus growing… ewww
    I totally agree about the pins. Rhinestones and plastic carrots are perfect. Personally, I’ve never understood crafters that use pins without blunting the points and then gluing them in place. I’m like you, I’d probably forget and grab them and stab myself.
    The felt hats are great, Frosty would be proud. The baby looks so sweet in it’s toboggan. The scarves bring the adorable snow-people together wonderfully. I can almost hear them singing carols.
    I think I’ll give these snowmen a try sometime and post a link back to your post.
    Thanks for sharing your cute creations and helpful hints. Well done! 🙂

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