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Silly Birds & Other Things

I finally got a couple pictures moved to the tablet for posting. I still have more on the camera I need to transfer. But for now I thought I would share these ones.

First, a couple hummingbird pictures. They’re lousy, but about the best my point & shoot is capable of capturing. This first one really makes me giggle because she was leaning over, as you can see, to look at me. In my many years of providing feeders of nectar for the hummingbirds and sitting on the porch observing them, I have learned they are extremely inquisitive. I think they are as curious about me as I am about them. They just crack me up with their antics, and they often get close and take a good look at Rascal as well. That is something I hope to photograph some day! Rascal will sit very still, head tilted while watching them, and they will work their way to within mere inches, moving back and forth slightly and tilting their heads as well. Of course the closer they get the less Rascal is content to sit still. She wants to eat one of them for a snack. It’s a good thing they’re so speedy.





Speaking of Rascal…






The last two pictures I took with my phone. One is what happens when we get home from the store: Rascal jumps into the trunk of the car and examines EVERY bag. If she finds something that is for her (or that she decides she wants whether it is for her or not) she grabs it and takes off. lol In this case she found a new toy I had selected for her, and didn’t want to give it to me so I could remove the cardboard packaging so she just ran around playing with it like that for a while. I eventually got it and removed the packaging. Five minutes later the toy was destroyed. As tends to happen. In the last picture I had been sitting at the picnic table reading and looked up and saw Rascal sitting there looking up into the trees watching a squirrel. I decided it was a cute moment worthy of a picture but only had my phone on me and I knew if I moved she would hear me and she would move as well and the moment would be lost. So I did what I had to do and settled for the sub par phone pic.

I gave up on coming up with a design for my latest knit project myself. This is why I don’t mind paying a reasonable amount for patterns and why I am so grateful many designers share their designs for free. If not for this, I would never knit anything, because I suck at coming up with things on my own. I can come up with great ideas, but lack the smarts to take those ideas from my head and convert them to the yarn. I did manage to stumble onto a pattern that as of 20 rounds in (a couple more than that if you include the cast on and a few set-up rounds) seems to be a good fit for the yarn of choice.


It is not far enough to really see the pattern yet but still very pretty. The colors in the yarn are working up beautifully. Of course as the piece gets bigger the yarn will not stripe as much and the colors will become a bit more “blocky” for lack of a better word. That is the nature of these kinds of colors. It is one of the things I both love and hate about them: I love the unpredictability of how they will look, but I hate that sometimes it is difficult to find a stitch or pattern that looks good with a given yarn. Sometimes the color changes hide the stitch pattern, sometimes they enhance it. Sometimes the colors pool in very unattractive ways, but other times they look fabulous. Lots of variables to how they work up so sometimes you end up having to try several things before you find something that looks good. Sometimes when a project has increases and/or decreases you decide only after a significant amount of work has gone into it that you don’t care for how it looks afterall. It’s all just part of the package that is knitting. Or crocheting. Or any other crafts that involve working with yarn. Anyway, pictures and full details will come once this piece is complete of course.

It has been a long, busy day and I am tired. The fact that I haven’t been getting much sleep lately is also contributing. Maybe I’m tired enough I will manage to fall alseep before 4 am tonight. Here’s hoping.


2 thoughts on “Silly Birds & Other Things

  1. Your hummingbird photos are almost surreal. You did an awesome job capturing the little angels in their finest element. ~applause~
    Speaking of angels, Rascal is so adorable. I know she’s such fun to be around. She’s very photogenic, look how happy she is to pose for her Mommy. She makes me smile.
    Your knitting project is pretty. I bet it’s going to be lovely when you’re finished with it.
    Wishing you a fabulous weekend! πŸ™‚

    1. Thank you. πŸ™‚ I am so rarely happy with my photos, I am my own worst critic for sure!

      Rascal has you fooled. lol She does not usually like to cooperate with having pictures taken. Every once in a while she will hold still long enough but usually she decides she would rather tackle me and try to lick me to death. haha

      I have two other projects I need to work on now too. I am going to have to try to make sure I get some progress made on each one every week if I am to finish any of them in a remotely reasonable length of time. This is why I try not to start too many things at once, but sometimes I can’t help myself. So many pretty yarns and patterns, I want to make so many things! I need a clone or two of myself to just sit and work on crafts all day long. πŸ˜„

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