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Indecision & Rambles

I am ready to start a new knit or crochet project but can’t decide what to make or what yarn I want to use. So many options! I bought a pattern for a gorgeous crochet afghan a couple days ago but need to get yarn for that. It is made using a cream/off white as the main color with purple accents.  I have sufficient teal to use in place of the purple,  but will need to buy some cream/off white for the main color.  I haven’t finished my cousin’s scarf yet.  I’m having a hard time working on it because of the needles I am using for it believe it or not. I’ll be replacing the needles asap as I just can’t stand to use them anymore.  The are Addi Lace fixed circulars.  I had not considered the material when I bought them – they are made of brass.  Which means they’ve developed an odor (similar to that of pennies) and it just makes me not want to work with them.

Thursday was national cheesecake day, according to my Wilton calendar. It was far too hot to turn the oven on to bake and I’ve never had a store-bought cheesecake that was good,  so I made a no-bake cheesecake. The no-bake variety are not truly cheesecake to me,  merely a cheesecake-like substance.  That doesn’t make them any less yummy (though some are questionable) and they’re still called cheesecake so it works.  I chose to make cinnamon.  Because I like cinnamon and it would be a pretty pink color.


This was the first time I made this particular recipe,  and I have to say it will be added to the recipe box for sure.  🙂 The key ingredient is the cinnamon mix,  but I honestly do not know what similar product could be purchased in a typical grocery store.  The product I used is made locally and sold at a local farm’s market.  (I added a butterfly sticker to cover the name of the farm in the above picture for privacy reasons.) It is a syrup-like consistency (more like a natural maple syrup than say Mrs. Butterworth or such which are thicker) and tastes like red hot cinnamon candies if you are familiar with those.  The recipe came with the mix. It is your standard formula for no bake cheesecake: softened cream cheese, sugar, and the cinnamon mix, (I also added a pinch of salt and a splash of vanilla) then fold in a tub of whipped topping, spread in a prepared graham cracker crust (I added some ground cinnamon when making the crust) then chill for a few hours till set. I used Truwhip for mine as unlike Cool Whip it does not have hydrogenated oils or other undesirable things in it. Truwhip is made from tapioca so it does taste different than Cool Whip (which yes I admit is tasty but I avoid hydrogenated oils and high fructose corn syrup as much as possible) but it is still tasty and when used in recipes like this you are using it for texture and won’t taste it anyway. Plus Truwhip is cheaper by roughly 50%. Around here anyway. I know it won’t have the same price tag everywhere.

I made a tentative business proposal to my sister. I would like to try my hand at dying yarn. I am sure I can dye a couple skeins for my own personal use just to test the waters. If I enjoy it, I would like to periodically dye yarn for sale as sort of a sub-line of products under her business, and profits on my colors would be split. I dye, she handles the shipping and all other “behind the scenes” business things. I described the arrangement with “Basically I would be the J Lo to your perfumery”. lol She seemed moderately interested in the idea, but we will have to work on details and whether or not it is in fact something she would like to do sometime when she gets back from her vacation.

I’ve gotten some very cute pictures of Rascal over the past few days. I need to get them transferred to the computer then copied over to the tablet so I can share them. 🙂

I noticed recently my post signature has vanished. I don’t know when or why that happened. I would assume it was when I updated the app. I can’t find the option for it again. One of my gripes about blogging here is that if you ever try to google for something, all you ever find is information for issues pertaining to wordpress>.ORG. Trying to find solutions to things for wordpress>.COM is next to impossible. What information can be found for the .COM issues is always severely outdated and thus useless. Finding help for problems with the app? Forget about it. It does not exist.

And with that I’m off to try once again to decide what my next project is going to be.


2 thoughts on “Indecision & Rambles

  1. I’ve never heard of cinnamon cheesecake. It sounds like a wonderful treat. I bet it’s be a big winner during the holidays. Your photo is great, it looks so professional and Yummy! 🙂

    1. I had never heard of cinnamon cheesecake either so when I saw the recipe on the cinnamon mix I knew I had to try it. I am a huge fan of cinnamon, this is definitely an excellent recipe. 😁

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