Melting Pot

Ten Random Facts

It’s been a while since I did a random facts post,  so here we go. 

1. I can’t stand the noise from fans.  I like having a fan going at night for some white noise while sleeping,  but during the day I drives me bonkers.  I will turn the fans off unless it is really hot and humid and I need the air circulating to be more comfortable.

2. I got to hand feed a baby tiger once.  Coolest experience of my life so far and one I hope to be able to repeat.  My aunt has a picture somewhere.

3. When I was younger,  I wanted to take auto mechanics classes,  or architectural design classes. But when I told the elders  my life about it they assumed it was “just to be around boys” and said so,  and told me it would be a waste of time, I wouldn’t be good at it etc. I was genuinely interested in those things though and felt they would have been excellent career choices. I was quickly made to feel like an idiot and left with nothing but self doubt and no gumption to say “I’m going to do it anyway and prove you wrong” then do just that.  I often wonder how different my life might be now,  had I been shown support back then instead of basically being brushed off as just a boy crazy girl who would do anything to be around boys more often.

4. This was posted by a company I follow on Instagram.  Fits me to a T. 


5. I usually drink at least one cup of tea a day.  My favorites are Earl Grey (Bigelow brand is my favorite) and Chai (Twinings and Stash brands are both yummy), but I typically have five or six kinds to choose from at any given time. 

6. One of my dreams is to be able to just pack up the car and drive with no destination,  just going wherever feels right and not stopping till I find a place that feels like home. I know this is something I will never have the opportunity to do but it’s nice,  sometimes,  to think about it and wonder about all the places I would see on such a journey.

7. I love the smell of southern air.  If you don’t know what I mean you’re either: a Yankee who has never ventured south,  a southerner who Just doesn’t notice it,  or a crazy person with a broken sniffer.  :p

8. I Love Lucy has been one of my favorite shows my whole life. I have always looked up to Lucille Ball as a fellow redhead and really the only famous redheaded woman I knew of growing up.  She was beautiful and absolutely a comedic genius. I love her in her more serious roles too though. I think people don’t know/forget that she was just overall a wonderful actress and she did not just do comedy.

9. I am very much a homebody. More often than not if given a choice between going out and doing something social or just hanging out at home,  I’ll pick staying home.

10. One of my favorite summer activities is sitting on the front porch watching the hummingbirds as they come to the feeders.  I keep two feeders on the porch for them, and it is not uncommon to see five or six of them at a time.  I have only seen two species. As far as I am aware anyway,  the females of multiple species look very similar and even when they’re hanging out a while I don’t tend to get a very good look at them to spot any differences.  The males however are far easier to identify,  so based on their visits (they seem more shy than the females) I have seen countless Ruby Throated which are common here,  and once I saw a Black-Chinned which aren’t even supposed to be in this area according to the maps of where various species can be found but there was no mistaking that pretty deep purple on his chin!

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