Melting Pot

Can’t Sleep. Again.

My day sucked. Insomnia is ensuring it lingers so I can dwell on the million self-loathing thoughts that have been suffocating me all night as long as possible.  😒

Some random song lyrics to fit my current mood (anything separated by // is simply a different verse of the same song or a verse that’s repeated with one or two words changed etc):

If I’m so beautiful,  if I’m so wonderful, why do I feel so horrible//pitiful//unlovable inside? I wanna disappear,  just get me away from here ~ Pretty Ugly by Alana Grace

You might not notice,  but I need a good friend; someone to talk to when I’m down, down,  down; There’s so much on my mind that I wanna get out,  but there’s no one around ~ What About Me by Keith Urban

7:42 in the morning,  eight seconds before it all sinks in; put your best face on for the world, fake another smile and just pretend //// 3:28 in the morning,  counting up the spaces between the rain; you’re getting used to the rocks at the bottom; your heart goes numb but the lonely stays the same ~ Let It Hurt by Rascal Flatts

She can’t remember a time when she felt needed /// Reaching out for human faith is like a journey I just don’t have a map for ~ To The Moon And Back by Savage Garden


It amazes me sometimes,  the things people say and do that they don’t realize are incredibly humiliating and hurtful.  Or maybe they do realize it and they just don’t care.  That’s probably the more likely scenario for my life.

Until next time. xoxo


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