Melting Pot

Insomniatic Randomosity, Take Two

Yep.  Again.  The ridiculous thing is that around 9 pm I was feeling tired and considered going to bed.  By the time I ran through the bedtime routine it was almost ten,  and I was kind of wanting to watch The Whispers since I actually remembered it was on tonight.  So though I was tired I decided to stay up to watch it.  I popped a tea bag into a mug and ran some water through the Keurig and promptly forgot about it till a couple minutes ago.  I had to dump it out.  Over-steeped tea by more than an hour?  No thanks.  And of course now I am wide awake.  Figures.  I should have said heck with the show and gone to bed at nine.  No guarantee I would have been able to sleep but maybe…

Rascal has been acting a bit off the last couple days,  today especially.  I’m probably just being paranoid but I’d be lying if I said I’m not concerned.  It’s been rather hot and humid though so hopefully that’s all it is. I’m going to keep an extra close watch on her though just in case.  Hopefully no trip to the vet will be necessary.

I finished the book I mentioned in my last post today.  Or was it yesterday?  My days have blurred together a bit.  But the point is I finished it.  I am undecided now,  how I feel about it.  I enjoyed it,  it was a little bit of a different spin on the familiar story though I admit it’s been a long time since I read Pride & Prejudice so I can’t fairly compare the recent read to the original to see what details were maintained and what was changed.  Honestly the thing I most disliked about it was discovering,  at the end of course,  this adaptation is a series.  So when it ended,  it didn’t really end. I’d have preferred it be a full novel with a nice wrapped up ending rather than leaving the door open for more.  I guess to be fair all stories end with potential for continuation but y’all know what I mean.  I’m not willing to pay for the next in the series at the asking price. I have trouble justifying more than about two bucks for ebooks – call me crazy but I just don’t like spending much on digital content that should TSHTF I will cease to have access to.  I’ll pay a fair bit for printed books but even then I feel many are overpriced for what you’re getting.  (Nearly $10 for a ~150 page novella?  Nope,  sorry,  not happening.  Add at least another 200 pages to make a full-length novel and then we can talk.)  But ebooks? Not so much.  I am curious where the author takes her adaptation next,  just not curious enough to cough up the money.  This aside it was an enjoyable enough read I’m comfortable recommending.  I’m not sure, honestly,  how well one would enjoy it without being a fan of Jane Austen and having at least some familiarity with the original story. It is certainly an easy read, and written in modern language so you won’t need a dictionary like you might to read the original. If you feel you may be interested,  the author is Elizabeth Ann West,  and the title is A Winter Wrong.  It is currently (as of the time of writing this post) available for free for Kindle/the Kindle reading app and Nook/nook reading app.

I tried to resist, however tonight I just had to order some more yarn from my sister.  She came up with another color I just had to have. I don’t get any special sister discounts and she doesn’t make a habit of giving me freebies – what freebies I get there is usually a reason: the hank has some knots,  something went wrong in the dye process etc. Just something wrong that,  while not necessarily major,  makes the yarn unsaleable. I do, however, have the advantage of being able to call or text her to ask about availability of colors.  (And I get to see lots of the new colors well before they are made available for purchase.) She had just three hanks of the color I wanted available. She also frequently monitors her web site and was able to tell me someone else had been visiting the page for that color numerous times over the weekend.  Which usually means an order is being contemplated. Since this other visitor is a regular customer,  chances are good if I waited I would miss out.  I had to pounce if I wanted any.  And I did.  I selected a pattern first so I knew how much yardage I would need,  as well as a couple back-up patterns since sometimes you think a yarn will be perfect for a pattern but then once you start working the pattern and yarn just don’t work together. I ended up ordering two hanks,  and will have sufficient yardage for any of the patterns I have in mind.  I also “pre-ordered” a hank of a color that isn’t available yet.  She posted a sneak peek picture to her facebook over the weekend and showed me an additional picture when I asked about it.  I fell in love with that one too,  so made the request of her to get that as well and that she could just wait to send all three at once after that one is dry and ready to go.  I really need to start going through my yarn to get rid of the stuff I’m not going to use,  and I also need to get cracking with finishing the things I am working on so I can start more projects!  I am trying to make sure I actually finish things without having too many wips* at once, but it is hard when there are so many gorgeous yarns and lovely patterns out there!  I need a couple extra arms and more hours in the day to make everything I want to make.  Lol

* wips = knitter/crocheter talk for “works in progress” aka unfinished projects being worked on at any given time.

T has been more consistent in communicating recently,  which is nice.  I miss that.  A lot.  I’m trying not to get my hopes up.  Every time I think maybe things will go the way I want them to with him,  I just end up hurt and disappointed all over again.  It’s hard not to be hopeful about something you want so much though; that you feel in the depths of your soul to be right. I keep hoping this time will be the time it goes right.  Walking,  breathing definition of insanity.  I know.  But every time I try to talk myself into giving up,  this little voice whispers “But what if you only have to wait one more day for everything to fall in place?  You’d regret walking away right now. You haven’t gone through all this for nothing, you just need to give it a little more time.” I just can’t ignore that little voice…  And I have to say it is a far nicer,  kinder voice to listen to than the other ones that fill my head the rest of the time.

But now I am really sounding insane.  Which probably means it’s time to shut up and try again to get some sleep. 

Until next time. xoxo


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