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Insomniatic Randomosity

My sleep schedule is so completely out of whack right now it is ridiculous.  Just one of those hormonal blips in the inner clock that happen sometimes regularly because being a woman is just that awesome. 😒 Another few days and things should start shifting back to normal again.

Someone is setting off fireworks.  Wonderful.  It is 11 pm,  and well after the holiday.  Not fond of this noise. Not that I was sleeping anyway but the fireworks are sure not helping me to fall asleep any faster. 

I spent a fairly large portion of my day today deciphering a crochet chart for my sister.  She is, for all intents and purposes,  a beginner at the craft though she has crocheted (only very occasionally) for a few years now.  She has trouble with written instructions so any time she wants to make something that is only charted,  the chart comes to me to translate into words.  She is learning to read the charts too, but this one was particularly confusing even to me.  I kept trying and while I could come up with something similar I just couldn’t get it quite right.  Somehow it eventually clicked,  I worked a couple rows to be sure I had it then typed out the instructions and emailed them to my sister.  She hasn’t replied to that one yet so I don’t know if the written instructions make sense for her or not.  I like the stitch so much I may put it to use soon myself.  I really must finish the current knit projects before starting anything else though. 

When I took Rascal out for her “bedtime potty” tonight I saw a cheese flavored cracker on our sidewalk.  This is strange for a couple reasons: one being we haven’t purchased this type of cracker for months so it definitely was not ours,  and two it had not been there a couple hours prior when I had taken her out for a walk.  Things that make you go “hmmm”.

I’m currently about half way through a book I was unsure of when I selected it,  and I have to say I am enjoying it immensely. It is an adaptation of Pride & Prejudice.  Which is one of my favorite novels,  and there have been many adaptations written,  some lousy, some so-so, some lovely,  and some just plain strange.  (The zombie version is just…  No.)  This particular adaptation is wonderful so far – but I am withholding the title and author till I have finished it because every once in a while a book is ruined at the end somehow. I don’t think that will be the case here but we will see. 

I suppose I ought to attempt once again to get to sleep.  I’ve been writing,  slowly and distractedly,  for half an hour now.  Rascal is zonked out at the foot of the bed snoring away,  which makes me smile.  She’s a bit miffed with me these days as I’ve decided she is no longer allowed to play with the neighbors dog.  I feel bad about that sometimes (when she knows he is outside and starts to whine wanting to go play) however as I’ve stated in the past,  my dog my rules.  The last time I allowed them to play he hurt her,  like really hurt her,  and neighbor just totally brushed it off instead of correcting him.  So no more.  She’s my baby and part of my job is keeping her safe – it sucks she had to lose a play buddy of her own species but I’d rather take that away from her and increase our own play sessions together than continue to let her play with a dog who gets out of hand and hurts her.  It wasn’t the first time he hurt where while they were playing, but it was the first more serious thing to happen and I refuse to provide an opportunity for a repeat or something worse.  Neighbor isn’t happy with me for it, and thinks I am being too sensitive about it.  But I don’t care.  Rascal is the only constant in my life right now,  and I will not intentionally put her into any situation where she is going to be hurt or afraid. 

And with that said now I really am going to try again to get some sleep lol. 

Until next time. xoxo


One thought on “Insomniatic Randomosity

  1. I don’t use charts in crochet unless it’s the design laid out something like cross-stitch pattern. I need written directions to successfully make a pattern, an image of the finished stitch is always a big help. Your sister is fortunate to have you to help her with the crochet and patterns. You’re a good sister. And imo you’re a great Mom to Rascal. I’m like you when it comes to protecting our pets. You can’t be too careful. I agree with your choice to keep Rascal safe.
    I hope you were able to get some sleep and also get some rest too. Insomnia is such a daunting visitor to have.

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