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Wilton 2016 Sweet Ideas Calendar

I know,  I’m way late in getting this post made.  Life keeps interrupting.


As with the debut 2015 Sweet Ideas calendar,  the calendar comes with a full color instruction booklet and a full product list of all the items required for every recipe included in the calendar.  There were also ten recipe cards but I already added them to my recipe box before taking pictures so they aren’t shown here. 

I think there is a nice balance of beginner level and more advanced level recipes included.  Many of the more advanced items involve some intricate piping,  so those skilled in piping would likely enjoy them and those looking for things to give them piping practice would benefit as well. 


The calendar costs $24.95* – worth it if you love the recipes included, since you are also getting a nice booklet with step by step instructions.

This calendar is not available for sale yet, but if you’re interested in getting your own copy you can visit the Sweet Ideas Calendar page of the Wilton site. Go to, click shop and select “Sweet Ideas Calendar” from the drop down menu. Enter your email address in the form at the bottom of that page,  and Wilton will send you an email when the 2016 calendar is released.

Sorry for the quality of pictures – I just took a couple quick snaps with the tablet rather than getting the camera out.

* I received my calendar at a discounted price as part of the group of Wilton customers selected to preview the calendars.


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