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Stanwood Needlecraft Ball Winder

After the first ball winder I bought was a complete disappointment,  I bought another one with my sister’s input. I absolutely love it!  This one was a significantly bigger investment,  but it was worth every penny!


This time I chose the Stanwood Needlecraft winder. They have a couple different capacity/style models, I opted for the large 10 oz.  model. Click here to see the product page on Amazon.

It took me a couple minutes to get it put together and to sort out how to place the yarn in the guides to get started but once I figured it out it was a total breeze.  I got six hanks of yarn wound from the swift in little time.  I am impressed by just how quickly I can wind the yarn with this winder.  The only thing I would caution you on is that lace weight yarns tend to “climb” up the pegs on the swift as you wind,  especially toward the end of the hank, so remember to slow down a bit to push the yarn back down on the swift if necessary and avoid any tangling on the swift. 




The resulting cakes of yarn are tidy and even and just perfect! 

One important note: the metal washer/disc that is used to clamp the winder to a table fell off the tightening screw (not sure what the actual name of the part is,  sorry) and it is supposed to stay put. Once it’s tightened up on the table it’s fine – you just need to make sure not to lose it while the winder is not in use.  For other folks this might be a problem worthy of requesting an exchange, however; my dad has stuff that can fix it so it is a non-issue for me personally. 

I am really so thrilled with this winder.  My sister is thinking of getting one herself after getting a look at it.  I love the large capacity – most hanks I buy are significantly less than ten ounces so I will never have to worry about not having enough room to wind a hank. The guide that places the yarn on the spindle actually rotates all the way around the spindle,  so there is no skipping or jumping of the yarn, the main issue I had with the in-line winder. 

If you usually buy your yarn from mass retailers (Wal Mart,  Hobby Lobby,  Jo Ann Fabrics etc) who tend to just sell “ready to use” skeins and only rarely buy hanks, you probably don’t really need to make the investment in this.  If,  however, you shop local yarn stores or small online hand dyers who sell yarn primarily in hanks that need wound before they can be used and you have a frequent need to wind your yarn,  you will not be disappointed with this winder!  Your “winding arm” might get tired if you have a lot to wind at once,  but it is far more effecient than hand winding. 

Until next time. xoxo


4 thoughts on “Stanwood Needlecraft Ball Winder”

  1. Thanks for these reviews. You have a good talent for explaining the details both good and bad.
    My BFF and I have discussed the yarn winders, If I decided to invest in one, I’ll probably go with the one you liked. I trust your thoughts and opinions on it.
    I figure your knitting will go smoother and quicker now. Well done.
    Happy Winding!

    1. I’m glad they were helpful! I have so much yarn it is sort of disgusting in a way lol. I really need to go through it and get rid of stuff I know I won’t use. Then I’ll have an excuse to shop for new yarn that I will actually use. 😂

      1. lol I have a huge yarn stash too. I think all yarn pieces, skeins, hanks, balls and scraps are precious and need to be kept for ‘just in case’ lol
        Finding reasons to buy yarn, fabric or craft supplies can be quite a challenge sometimes, but oh the joy when hitting on the right one and buying new stuff. 🙂

        1. Yes, my sister makes fun of me because I keep even the tiniest scraps of yarn “just in case”! If nothing else the random small bits truly too small to use get put outside somewhere for the birds to find and take for lining their nests. I’ve actually seen some of the nests with my yarn scraps so I know they use them. I put some hair out when I cut my hair too, for the same purpose, and have seen them use it as well. 😊

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