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Sunday Randoms

You know you’re a bookworm when you decide to try something “in real life” because a character in a book you are enjoying likes it.  Case in point: in one of my recent reads,  the main character mentions more than once enjoying a cup of creamy earl grey tea.  I’ve heard of it but never tried it,  but y’all know earl grey is among my favorites,  if not my number one favorite tea.  The little voices in my head held a conference and it was decided that since I was ordering a couple other things from Amazon anyway,  I may as well get some creamy earl grey to try. 


The verdict?  Yum!  It’s not going to take the top spot for my favorite tea ever,  regular ol’ earl grey remains the champion.  But this one has found a warm spot in the top five. I try to find teas that I enjoy without adding any sugar,  and the creamy earl grey while OK on its own benefits from some added sugar in my opinion.  This means it will be more of an indulgent, special treat kind of tea for me as opposed to being an everyday tea. If you’re a fan of tea,  I would recommend giving this one a try for sure.

I finally finished the crochet hat to my sister’s liking.  I have already sent her the pattern and will be giving her the hat for photographing when I see her this weekend for Independence Day.  She hasn’t released the scarf pattern I designed for her yet,  but plans to do that soon.  She did post a picture to her facebook page a while back so if you’re a follower of hers there you may have seen it. Or not.  With how facebook likes to pick and choose what it thinks you want to see you just never know. 

Y’all remember the rainbow scarf I made for my cousin’s little girl?  Her big sister requested one as well.  She wanted “something blue with brown paw prints”. After mulling over my options for which technique to use to do this,  I decided on double knitting so the scarf will be reversible.  Because when it comes to scarves reversible tends to be best.  I haven’t gotten too far with it yet,  I work slower when double knitting. But I’m pleased with it so far and hopefully little one will like it once she gets it. 

For those who don’t know,  double knitting is a technique that produces a double layer of fabric where both sides are worked at once.  You can use the same color for both sides or you can use different colors. When incorporating a design,  such as I have here,  you’ll produce a piece that has a mirror image on either side. Here is what each side of the scarf looks like so far:



This may look or sound really complicated but it isn’t.  It is nothing but your basic knits and purls across each row.  The hardest parts of double knitting are just keeping track of where you need to swap colors for your design (creating a chart with your intended design will help keep you on track – do NOT assume you’ll be able to eyeball it because no matter how simple your design,  you will most likely need the chart! ) and keeping the two strands of yarn from becoming tangled. 

The weather has become far more tolerable yesterday and today than it had been.  It is actually rather chilly today with a high of only 64°F. The remainder of the week is only forecast to see highs in the mid to upper 70’s – all with yet more clouds and rain with little sunshine. While I wouldn’t mind a break from the rain I am very much enjoying the break from the sticky,  muggy humidity.  It’s nice,  also,  having some cooler temperatures in which to enjoy drinking some of my previously mentioned teas.  🙂

Rascal got four new toys Friday.  One of which was destroyed within five minutes of giving it to her.  Which was why I got it for her.  She LOVES destroying stuffies. As such we only get her cheap ones every once in a while with then sole purpose of letting her have fun ripping it to shreds.  She’s spoiled rotten,  I know.  She’s hard to shop for when it comes to toys because she shred absolutely everything in minutes.  Even the “super durable” stuff just doesn’t last.  The only toys she has that have been able to survive are her Kongs and a Sumo (which is basically a cheaper brand of a Kong.) There have occasionally been toys we’ve found that last a week or two but really the kongs and sumos are the only truly durable toys we’ve been able to find. 

I sometimes wonder if she knows just how totally spoiled she is.  I get her a little something basically every time I go out,  whether it’s a new toy or some sort of special treat.  I keep the Dentastix well stocked as those are her favorites,  and she looks forward to the couple of those she is allowed to have each day.  I buy the mini size for her instead of the medium size that is “correct” for her size,  so she can have a couple a day instead of just one.  They make Dentastix Bites now which she also loves and can have several of those a day but after buying two packs I can’t seem to find those in stores anymore. It’s not uncommon for me to prepare a dish of “people food” for her every once in a while as a special treat.  (Done with the vet’s approval and guidance,  so nobody get an attitude with me.) Yep,  she is 100% spoiled. The doggy equivalent to an only child.  Lol

I’ve been having problems with Blogging For Books.  Since posting my last review I have been unable to select a new book,  but don’t know why. I have sent four emails to them about it but every one has bounced back.  I have posted to their facebook page three times with no response. I’m getting fed up. I hate to complain about a service that provides me with free books but it’s been almost two months and I have been unable to select a book or get any help.  Others have posted to their facebook page with the same and other problems as well,  and very very few of them have gotten a reply. They used to be fabulous about customer service but since new folks have been in charge… For a while things remained good,  and they did make some fabulous changes but lately things are just not what they used to be. Oh well.  Hopefully it’s just an ongoing glitch that is being addressed.  I’ll maybe try emailing one more time,  and if it bounces back then I’ll just give up for a while and maybe once some time passes things will be working again. It stinks to moss out on books I am interested in but that’s OK – I’ll just go to Barnes & Noble to check them out and if they are worth it will buy them.

I suppose that’s enough of my rambling for now.  Till next time.  xoxoxo


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