Melting Pot

And There It Is

This is why I usually keep quiet online and am a bit anti-social on social media.  You can’t say anything without getting bashed. 

I posted a comment encouraging love and acceptance and a “agree to disagree respectfully” attitude and someone decides she’s going to try to start something with me for it.  I wasn’t disagreeing with the subject of the original post or even with the person who has decided she wants to pick a fight. We are on the same fucking side of the argument,  and she’s arguing with me. How does that even make sense?  I’m done with other humans.  They’re so not worth it.

FYI my ig name is drycountrygirl,  so you know what was said by whom.  And methinks you can guess by the subject matter (both of our comments and the others captured in the screen shots) what the topic of discussion is.





Seriously.  Who pissed in her cheerios this morning?  Reading through the comments this person is being argumentative with others as well, not just me.  She’s a prime example of one of those “I’m so open minded I love everyone” types who is just a hypocrite who only loves you if you agree with them 100%. According to her simply disagreeing equates hate and a desire to kill. That’s news to me. I disagree with a lot of people about a lot of things but that does not typically mean I hate them and/or would kill them just because we don’t agree. I guess I am disagreeing incorrectly – I’m supposed to be a hate-filled murderer if I don’t agree with someone. OK. Memo noted, I’ll be sure to change my behavior and thought process when disagreeing with people from now on. *insert eye roll here* It’s disturbing, really, the comments from the “supportive” community toward those who are not part of their group. You are not open minded if you hate/trash talk/belittle those who don’t feel the same way you do! I’ve seen some openly say “not everyone is entitled to an opinion”. Say what now? No. Everyone IS entitled to have, and to voice, their opinion! It doesn’t matter if you think they are wrong or stupid for it – they have got absolutely EVERY right to it. Your being hateful toward them for it makes you just as much a hateful bigot as you are (often unjustly) accusing them of being! Honestly some of the most vile comments I see online are not from those who are outside of the “supportive” community but from those within it. They are so fast to cry “hate! It’s not your place to judge!” while in the very same breath spewing hatred and insults and judgment at the people who merely stated an opinion of “I don’t agree with this” or “Bad move” or something else that was simply expressing their opinion without in any way showing hate. I mean hell look at the comments I showed above – my comment was supportive and loving yet I’m being called out as if I said something horrible. Maybe this is more what some people who aren’t supportive are against than anything – the outright hypocrisy. I’m all for love who you love, live and let live. Just because I don’t pass judgment doesn’t mean I agree – just because I don’t agree doesn’t mean I am full of hate. I don’t want something I don’t agree with shoved in my face all the time like I am being forced to agree – just because I feel that way does not make me a “hater” – it just means I, like every other person on the planet, do not wish to be forced to be around something that I don’t agree with. I’m not trying to stop you from doing what you want or believing what you want, yet you are going out of your way to try to force your beliefs on me, but I’m the rude judgmental hateful one? No. You can do whatever and whoever you want – makes no difference to me. When you vilify me for not agreeing with you, when I have done absolutely noting but simply disagree, that’s where the problem is. Not with my disagreeing – but with your insistence that I and everyone else who does not agree with you is worthless, doesn’t have a right to voice their opinion etc.

And with that out of my system yes I am going to LET IT GO – I have not replied to her again and will not even if she says something else to try to get me to respond. She obviously doesn’t get what I was saying and there is nothing I can say to make her understand so I’m done. Got my little vent about it out of me and am now going to enjoy the rest of my day. When it comes to these issues my conscience is clear as a freshly windexed window. So I’m not going to be losing sleep.



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