Melting Pot


It’s raining again. I decided rather than watering the hanging plants on the porch I would just take them down and set them out on the deck to get rain water.  I ended up leaving one where it is.  Why?


There is a bird nest in it!  I thought when I checked the moisture level of the soil a couple days ago (but wasn’t actually LOOKING at them)  that I felt some twigs and leaves that shouldn’t have been there but I really didn’t think much of it.  I set the other pots out to get some rain water and have made note to disturb this one as little as possible.  I’ll still have to water it of course.  Not sure how the birds will take that.  But I will be careful when I water it,  and will not swap its position as I normally would.  I tend to rotate the plants among the hooks we have up, just to keep things interesting. This one will just stay right where it is. 

I think it is a wren nest.  I don’t claim to know much about birds,  but have seen the wrens build nests in our hanging pots before though never this time of year while the plants are growing – I’ve only seen them build nests burrowed down in the dirt a bit in fall once the plants have died off. 

I love happy little surprises like this in the midst of an otherwise normal day.  🙂


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