Stardom Crafts Liquid Chalk Markers

Y’all know I am into pretty much all things crafty.  I love creative things to keep my hands and my mind occupied. Put me in a craft supply store and I’m like a kid in a candy store. 

It goes without saying that I enjoy trying new crafting supplies in addition to repurchasing tried and true favorites.  Yesterday I got some liquid chalk markers from Stardom Crafts and have been having some fun playing with them.


First let’s discuss the markers themselves.  This particular pack has 18 colors. Plenty of variety for a creative mind to put to use. 


They come with dual-ended tips for further variety.  One end has a chisel tip while the other is round. 


Using the markers is simple.  If you’re familiar with paint markers,  you will know exactly how to use these markers as they function in the same manner: shake well,  press the tip on scrap paper till the color flows through the tip, then get to your crafting.  Flipping the tip around to use the chisel or round end is a little messy after it has been saturated with the color,  but it cleans up easily with water so it isn’t really an issue.  I prefer the round tip, so that’s which end I used for all my experimenting so far.


I am impressed by the vibrancy of all the colors.  Here I have used each of the 18 colors on my chalkboard to create a little list of teas.  Don’t mind my sad drawings of a teapot and cup – I never claimed to be good at this art thing.  😉

These actually aren’t very suited to chalkboards as the boards are a bit too porous and it takes some scrubbing to remove them and there will still be some slight stains left behind.  So unless you’re looking for something more long lasting/permanent on your chalkboard (or you don’t mind scrubbing when you are ready to remove it) I wouldn’t recommend them on chalkboards.  I like my little tea list and wanted to keep it around a while,  hence its creation. 

So if these aren’t really made for use on chalkboards,  what are they good for, you ask? Most non porous surfaces,  like glass,  mirrors,  and plastic for example.  On these surfaces,  the colors easily wipe away with a wet cloth with no staining left behind.  (They do note the fact that all surfaces are different so make sure you do a test in an inconspicuous spot first.) These would also be perfect on chalkboard labels, which are pretty readily available these days and have a much smoother surface than an actual chalkboard.  Said labels are great for labeling containers with spices,  craft supplies etc. 

Once the colors have dried they won’t smear if you touch them. A real bonus for decorating or labeling things that may be handled a bit before cleaning up. 

Overall I’m pretty happy with these markers,  and keep thinking up ways I could put them to use.  I would recommend them, if you’re in the market for some good liquid chalk markers and you want a variety of colors.

You can find these markers on Amazon or the Stardom Crafts web site. 

I received this product for free in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.



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