Melting Pot


I ordered a ball winder today.  Without my sister’s input.  To be fair I did ask her if she knew anything about the one in question,  but she didn’t get back to me and I didn’t want to wait since it was already in my cart on Amazon while I was browsing and continuing to look at other ones and prices tend to spontaneously go up once you put an item on your cart.  So I figured why not just go for it. I like the style of it better than others I’ve looked at,  it was reasonably priced,  and had mostly favorable reviews.  I also got a pop up offering me a free trial of Prime so I was able to get free two day shipping,  so it (and the couple other items I got) are supposed to get here Thursday.  I won’t have a long wait to try it out.  Hopefully even if it isn’t fabulous it will at least be decent enough to make me happy till I can get something better. 

I had a package to mail to my aunt today and picked up our mail at the same time.  I was surprised and tickled to see the 2016 Sweet Ideas calendar has already arrived from Wilton! I wasn’t expecting it till later in the year.  I haven’t looked through it yet,  but will look it over later and get a post made about it in the next few days.  I know most of my readers are fellow bakers/cake decorators who will appreciate getting an early peek at this one.  🙂

I also had a package waiting for me with a product to review.  More on that tomorrow when I post the review,  as I plan to use the product today and will be able to review tomorrow. 

It’s storming and pouring down rain again.  Same weather almost every day for the past couple of weeks.  I don’t mind it so much,  truthfully,  because what dry days have been between the rainy ones have been so ridiculously humid.  The storms offer up relief from that.  (Note that I complained of the humidity not the heat.  After the winter we had I have vowed to not complain about the heat this summer.) Rascal doesn’t like the storms though,  all the thunder and lightning scare her.  As I type she is plastered to my side with her ears back. Poor pup.  I’m offering what comfort I can for her,  but I know from experience she won’t calm down till the weather does the same.

With that said I’m going to go ahead and hit the publish button,  as the storm is periodically knocking out my data connection so I best publish while I can and let my phone charge up so it’s got as much juice as possible in case the power goes out.

Until next time. xoxo


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