Melting Pot

Green Pretties & Randomosity

I recently picked up some more plants to have around the house. Nothing much,  just some succulents. But what makes them spiffy is the containers they are in.  Well,  most of them anyway.

One of them is just in your basic little pot,  but it is still pretty.  And purple.  Y’all know how I love purple.  And it was decorated with some twine and a wooden heart. 

The rest are in pots that at first glance may not seem too special.  But the pots have strong magnets attached to them,  so the pots can be placed on lots of different magnetic surfaces,  and can even be placed so the open end is facing outward rather than straight up.  I honestly had just wanted to get several of the pots,  which I had seen earlier in the season, but by the time I was able to get some all I could find were the ones that already had plants in them.  I think the pots are great for a little indoor herb garden since you can keep them right on the fridge. Which is where I have these.  They may not be useful when cooking but they are still pretty and I like having them on the fridge brightening up the kitchen a bit.


I need to expand my DVD collection.  We don’t have cable, which I don’t mind because it’s overrated anyway.  Pay a fortune for hundreds of channels of which you only actually watch a handful and there’s hardly ever anything worthwhile on anyway? No thanks.  We live in an area where even with an antenna we only pick up two channels,  and even those are spotty and not consistent so whatever you may watch is typically interrupted and thus it is annoying to try watching what little is interesting. I have watched every DVD I own so many times it’s kind of sick.  I often like to turn something on just for “white noise” so the same old DVDs aren’t a problem when that’s what I am after, but when I want to actually watch something?  No matter how much I love it I can only watch the first two seasons of Reba and Gilmore Girls and my various favorite movies so many times before they make me want to rip my hair out.  I’d love to get the full series if both aforementioned Reba and Gilmore Girls – both of which would require repurchasing what I already have thanks to missing/nonworking discs – and a few other series I enjoy.  But getting any series on DVD isn’t cheap.  Even older shows now being brought to DVD,  like Dick Van Dyke and I Love Lucy,  are expensive, assuming you can find the full series of those that is. 

On the subject of television shows,  I watched The Whispers on Monday. It was the second or maybe third episode.  I had neglected to watch before because it is on late enough I usually want to be in bed then,  and frankly I wasn’t sure I could stand to watch it.  The previews just scream “creepy”. But I watched the other night because I couldn’t sleep.  I was tickled to see that Milo Ventimiglia is on it (he played Jess on The Gilmore Girls,  hence my familiarity though I don’t think I have seen anything else he has been in)  and while there is a definite creepiness to it, I didn’t have any problems watching it. I don’t know that I will make it a point to watch every week – I watch such little TV even when there is something I want to watch I tend to forget simply out of habit of keeping busy with other things – but it was pretty good and I will try to remember to watch again if I can stay up for it. There’s another show starting tomorrow night I want to try to remember to watch,  called Astronaut Wives Club,  which has Joanna Garcia Swisher in it. She played Cheyenne on Reba and has been in several other things I have enjoyed,  I like her a lot.

I’m almost done with the scarf pattern for my sister.  I finished the body of the scarf yesterday and just need to add the border and get it blocked,  then take a couple pictures and get the pattern typed up to send to her.  Then I can start working in the hat pattern.  The scarf is super basic,  very beginner-friendly.  I’m not sure if I want to make the hat beginner-friendly as well or if I want to do something more complex,  cables or lace or something.  I’ll have to think about it a while.

I was finally able to download a game I got from the Amazon App Store.  I’d been given a $10 credit to use last month,  and used it to get a good paid photo editing app (which is how I made the nifty collage above) and this game I had heard of that was supposed to be good,  Monument Valley.  I was never able to download it to the phone because I didn’t have enough space on it no matter how much I cleared things out.  I wasn’t sure if Amazon would let me download to a device other than the one used to make the initial purchase.  Some companies are goofy about that and want to make you pay for each device you want to use an app on. I had tried to get it to download on the nook but it was nothing but a headache.  Thankfully I was able to access the game (and the photo editor) through my account and download it to the tablet.  I already finished the game (it only has a few levels) and enjoyed it enough to pay the two bucks for the sequel/additional levels that have been added.  I am to the last of those levels now as well.  It is an interesting little game.  Not for those who don’t like games that make you think,  as it involves getting your character around geometric based optical illusions.  If you like “thinky” games you may enjoy it.

Here are a couple screenshots I took during play:






OK I’m off to get the border done on that scarf.  Till next time.  xoxo


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