Melting Pot

Random thoughts

What is with all the Kim Kardashian lookalikes? I follow several hair,  makeup,  and fashion accounts on Instagram (most of them I am just temporarily following to be entered in a giveaway)  and I swear nearly every girl they repost a picture from looks like Kim Kardashian. As in so much so that just the quick glance I usually give the pictures as I scroll through I think it is her.  Don’t you girls want to just be yourselves? Seriously.  Be happy with yourself as you are,  rather than trying so hard to look like/be like someone else.

A new grammatical pet peeve has popped up recently.  People don’t seem to know the difference between “woman” and “women”. If I see someone confuse the two one more time today I may scream.  For the record,  if you’re talking about just one person it is woman,  and if you’re talking about two or more people it is women.  Things like “She’s a beautiful women” and “Woman are so mean to each other” are incorrect. Nobody seems to have trouble with the difference between “man” and “men” so why the fuck they have trouble when the letters w and o are put in front of them I just can’t fathom.  But it is irritating as hell. 

I’ve already got another project in mind but really don’t feel like hand winding 800+ yards of lace weight yarn right now so it will just have to wait. I may change my mind about the pattern I have selected for the yarn in question anyway.  I really need to find a good ball winder soon.  My sister is hunting for one for me as well but hasn’t found anything yet that lives up to her standards (even for her own use) so it may take a while. 

I’ve made my first non-beauty-blogger purchase from the cosmetics department.  When the item in question caught my eye,  my first thought was blogging about it.  But then I remembered I have “retired”… and I smiled.  I thought how nice to just buy something that caught my attention for no reason other than because I like it and want to try it,  without having to worry about swatching and reviewing it.  Hoe nice to be able to just use it,  without having to think too much about various aspects of products that need to be addressed in a good product review.  I wasn’t at all sad by the thought of no longer being a beauty blogger. I was relieved.  Yep.  “Retiring” was absolutely the right decision. 

I checked our plants in the garden a couple days ago and things are doing well. Two of the tomato plants even already have little teeny tomatoes growing.  I’ve still got some work to do with the flowers, in front of the house.  I am so behind on this stuff.  It’s hard getting yard work done when there’s trouble with the neighbors like we have.  I’ve a particularly bad feeling about one of the male neighbors – the one who has gone through our mail – and to put it into perspective for you just how strong this feeling is and what kind of feeling it is,  I’ve made it a point to keep my stun gun charged and close by at all times.  I just don’t trust him at all,  he gives me the creeps.  Between him and his landlord, who also gives me the creeps but on a slightly less disturbing level,  I just can’t enjoy myself outside anymore unless I know for sure they aren’t home.  If I could get some sort of privacy fencing put up it would help immensely.  Probably not going to happen though, unfortunately.

I’ve got laundry to fold and put away so I’m off.  Till next time. 



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