Melting Pot

Bind Off, Cast On

Finish one project,  jump right into another… 


I got sixteen rows into a new project last night,  as pictured above.  This morning I got through row 26 and my stitch count was off. First I carefully looked over the pattern and charted off a few rows just to verify the pattern was correct.  (It is a relatively new upload to Ravelry the best I can tell,  and there are only a handful of projects set up for it none of which are finished except the designer’s and she noted it has not been tested.) Once I determined the pattern had no errors to that point I started knitting back to undo one row at a time till I reached a point where the stitch count was correct.  My mistake seemed to happen at some point in row 25. Which was nice because I didn’t have to undo much.  Upon restarting row 25 I discovered when I was knitting back I somehow goofed a few stitches around somehow and I am still trying to sort it out. I don’t have the house to myself at the moment which means I don’t have quiet,  and when I am trying to sort out knitting mistakes I need quiet.  You can talk to me while I am knitting if what I am knitting is not too involved,  but if I am trying to figure out and fix a mistake I need you to shut up lol. 

I have yet to get a ball winder.  I know I haven’t reviewed my swift yet,  I’d like to wait till I have had a chance to use it with a winder.  Hopefully soon.

As a totally unrelated note: Does anyone know of a good (aka reputable) place to buy a bottle of Acqua Di Gio men’s cologne? (Don’t ask.) The cheapest I have found is fragrancenet(dot)com but even they are a bit out of my budget for right now.


1 thought on “Bind Off, Cast On”

  1. Wow knitting with 4 needles. I struggle with 1 for crochet and 2 for knitting. I can’t imagine using multiples. You must have a gift for yarnwork. That’s really pretty yarn. Your project looks lovely so far.
    I don’t have a ball winder yet. A winder would be nice and helpful to have.
    I’m not familiar with that cologne, I wish you luck in your search.
    Have a great rest of the week.

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