Melting Pot

Up & Down

The weather is such a rollercoaster here lately.  Well have a couple days that are hot enough to turn on the air conditioner,  then it gets cold enough to turn the heaters on again.  Usually by now the heaters have been packed away till fall.  Every time I consider putting them away I decide not to,  because in a couple days we’ll probably need them again.  I dunno though.  It’s kind of nice in a way,  no extended stretches of too hot or too cold. 

I’m almost done with the latest knitting project.  I should finish up tomorrow, depending on how much time I can devote to it. 

I have my “retiring” post scheduled on the beauty blog for Friday morning.  As of Friday morning I will no longer be a beauty blogger.  But that’s OK.  I’ve had such a hard time keeping that blog updated the last couple of years anyway. 

I can’t focus enough to keep writing at the moment.  So I’m off for now. 



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