Melting Pot


I got photographic proof, today,  of my neighbor opening our mailbox. Unauthorized.  Lord only knows how long they have been rifling through our mail. Or how much of our mail they have stolen.  These people moved in while I was in NC,  so the trouble likely started before I got here but my dad isn’t home enough to notice.  Once I got home though I definitely noticed things amiss.  Things missing from the garage,  too many days of there not being any mail at all delivered for us, a general sort of uneasiness. I didn’t think anything of it initially because I had been very unhappy to return so I assumed the uneasiness was purely my distress over returning.  

Back to the mail issue.  I know it happens sometimes that there are legitimate times you just don’t get any mail, even junk.  But I also know that the frequency of those times is NOT like what we’ve experienced in the year since I have been back from NC.  I had some hunches but never actually saw anything so let it be.  Then recently I happened to see one of the trouble-causing neighbors opening and going through our mailbox,  and another neighbor’s box as well.  I think he opened a third box but honestly not sure,  but definitely went through ours and another neighbor’s.  Since then it’s a mad dash to the mail every day as soon as possible.  However,  I can’t always get to the mail immediately.  Sometimes we aren’t even home when the mail goes.  Today as soon as the mail truck pulled away, I planned to run out to grab the mail.  I was in the kitchen at the time and as I was turning to head outside I happened to see the neighbor come out,  practically running for the mail.  So I ran for my camera and went to the window and got photographic evidence of him opening OUR box.  It’s blurry (didn’t have time to fiddle with settings) but it is clear proof of his actions regardless.  We can’t get a locking box yet.  We are going to set up a hold on our mail for the full thirty days allowed by the post office,  effective immediately,  so that I can have a little break from the stress of worrying about our mail being compromised and to give us some time to try to get the locking box purchased and installed.  I will continue to be on alert for the neighbor going to the box though and getting pictures as proof of his continued invasions of our privacy.  These people have been causing so much trouble,  I am ready to scream.  Everything is being documented.  I hope I will never need to make use of the growing list of their trespassing and wrongdoings,  but I will be prepared in case,  with detailed notes and the dates and times of each incident that I am aware of. I’m not going to stop living my life to sit and stare out my windows watching for them to do something else, however if I happen to notice something I am going to pause to know what’s going on and make note of it. 

My sister said I should be a bitch and confront them.  Thing is,  while part of me wants to do just that,  I would prefer to avoid confrontation.  People with the ignorance to do this sort of thing and to cause the trouble they have been causing are not exactly the kind of people I want to get into a heated argument with even if I am totally justified in doing so.  So I am biding my time,  trying to keep calm about things,  keeping written documentation and photographs when possible,  and just hoping that before anything REALLY bad comes to pass they will just move out and I can breathe easier with them gone. 

It sucks having neighbors who raise your blood pressure and make you miserable,  and make you feel like a prisoner in your own home.  If you are fortunate enough to not have such horrible neighbors I envy you and hope you never have to deal with this sort of nonsense.

Any who.  I did say this post would be some randoms so it’s probably past time to move to another subject.  😉


I discovered a mystery bruise on my arm yesterday.  It was very faint yesterday,  barely there.  Today however it is very noticeable.  I haven’t a clue what I did to acquire it.  *shrug*

My favorite local bakery now has an app. I was the first person to download it, on Android at least.  Can’t say for iOS. 


Blurred out the name and specific location for obvious reasons.  The app provides coupons and loyalty rewards,  their current menus and daily specials etc.  Nice little app indeed.  🙂

I’m about a third of the way through the fingerless gloves I started knitting the other day.  Love how the yarn is working up!  No pictures at the moment – my cell phone camera doesn’t like to pick up the colors of things very accurately and while I don’t always let that stop me,  I am going to wait it out on this one and just take pictures with the camera when they are done. 

That said I would like to get at least a couple more rows knit today so I’m off to do that before starting some supper. 



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